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Cloud for Customer Integration with ERP and CRM: How-to Guides

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    • Hi Angi

      Yes.   Partners can get them from  They are also in the instguides alias on SMP.  Additionally, we've created a lot of elearning for partner edge.  It is still being uploaded, but they can access it from partnerEdge - Education - Cloud - Cloud Integration.  Additionally, we will soon have our own C4C space on SCN and we are currently preparing a lot of content for this space!

      All the best


  • Thanks a lot Ginger for wonderful Blog post.

    We are currently working on SalesQuote(C4C) to SalesOrderProcessing(ERP) scenario which comes with the pre-packaged integration. We have a problem that there are standard iflows only for C4C --> ERP related to this scenario but there are no iflows supporting the response. But, mapping summary sheet at SMP says that there are response iflows. I can't even see in the catalog

    I am specifically talking about below iflows which are missing in the catalog.

    • ERP_COD_CustomerQuoteProcessingSalesOrderRequestConfirmation
    • ERP_COD_CustomerQuoteProcessingSalesOrderNotification

    What is the right channel in SAP to approach now? Can you help?

    • Hi Srivatsava,

      Probably the best place to look in in the integration guides at   Are you using PI or HCI?   That catalog link is a demo catalog link only.  Your customers' HCI catalog link will be the complete list of iFlows they can use.   If the customer can't find the iflows in the integration guide, then creating an incident/opening a ticket is the best thing to do. 

      Who is the customer? 

      all the best


      • Ginger,

        Thanks for your reply. Yes, we are using trial HCI tenant and we see the list of scenarios same as Demo Catalog link. I've gone through the document already but my doubt is specifically about two iflows.

        As you can see in the below screenshot, document doesn't talks about Call Back iflows from ERP to C4C once the SalesOrderRequest is created in ERP.


        But, the MappingSheet summary document downloaded from says that there are two mappings related to this call back from ERP. PFB the screenshot.


        • HI,

          I also don't see this confirmation back in my HCI content - let me check and see if it is really missing, or if we just need a content update in the catalog.

          Thanks for the catch!

          All the best


        • HI Srivatsava,

          Our HCI developer just informed me the confirmation is part of the erp2cod.opportunity.replicate iFlow - there is a gateway step and this includes the confirmation back.


          • Ginger,

            Thanks a lot. Expected this but got confused when I saw receiver endpoint in the webUI's iflow..

            I will give it a try and let you know. 🙂



          • So, I followed your suggestion and went ahead. Pls see my findings below:

            • I opened the standard Oppt FollowUpNotification (erp2cod.opportunity.replicate) iflow from Catalog and I saw that there is No Gateway step in the standard design and it deals only with Confirmations to Opportunity as some fields have constant mappings related to Opportunity.


            • Inbound services for Communication arrangements in C4C configured for OpportunityConfirmation and SalesQuote confirmations are have different tags but same structure. So, literally, I am stuck. 🙁




  • Hello Mrs. Gattling,

    thank you for the how to guide! One question: Is it possible to integrate with SAP CRM 2008 via SAP HCI? Currently, our customer uses this release and an update will take its time. I couldn´t find anything about the integration capabilities of SAP CRM 2007 (integration activities, addons etc.).

    Are there any documentations regarding this topic?

    Best regards,

    Rufat Gadirov

    • Hello Rufat,

      HCI can only be used in conjunction with a cloud end point, such as Cloud for Customer.  Could you use it to integration SAP CRM 2008 with C4C?  Yes, I think this should be possible, asssuming CRM 2008 understands XML - do you know if that is the case?  



      • Hello Ginger,

        thank you for your response!

        Yes, I meant the integration of SAP CRM 2007 with SAP Cloud for Customer via HCI.

        CRM 2007/8 (SAP CRM 6.0) understands XML, I have also read in the documentation that the apllication CRM middleware is used for integration with other systems. Therefore, I am not really sure if it is a must have for integration with cloud or if I can integrate without the middleware directly via SAP HCI middleware to Cloud for Customer.

        Otherwise, we would integrate directly via SSL (Endpint-Integration).

        Kind Regards,