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In several cases we use back flush. Back flush ensures automatic goods issue and we don’t have to do manual issue of goods in production/process

order. The setting of back flush are in different levels in SAP. First setting is there in material master.

In material master there are two options.

First option is always the material will be issued automatically. Second option is issue will be decided by the work center.

Now work center will also have setting on back flush.

Now let us consider the material master setting is “Work center decides whether to back flush” and in work center the box for back flush is

checked, then the material which will be used/consumed in this work center will be back flushed.

If the back flush in work center is not checked and material master setting is “Work center decides whether to backflush”, then also backflush will

not work as work center is not still activated for back flush.

The third place where the back flush is maintained is in routing. At the time of component allocation the backflush option is visable.

In this case if the backflush is checked then this component will be back flush automatically. So if material master is not set as backflush as well

work center is not set also, from the setting of routing it is possible to set the back flush. Hence the material will be issued automatically for this

routing only(once executing the production/process order). Issue will not happen for the component everywhere.

Fourth place where we can use the back flush is in production/process order. In order, go to material tab.

Inside that, check box for backflusing is there. Hence if this box is selected, the the component will be issued automatically.

The setting of back flush are there to serve different purpose in different levels/stages. One can use it for desired purpose and application.

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  1. Trivedi Parsa

    This text is very useful. Please add this comment at the end to make it crisp and clear.

    “So the various levels at which we can enable the backflush are

    Material master -> Work Center -> Routing -> Production Order. “

  2. Rajan Thapa

    Hi Krishnendu Das,

    My little doubt, if we done backflush in MM view after that we need to do some configuration in master recipe or not ?


    Second query it think it will not allow while doing COR6n.


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