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Testing HANA Client on BI4.1 Server

in my Previous blogs i showed how to install the SAP HANA Server and also installing the Client tools

SAP HANA SP07 Installation

Installing SAP HANA Client on BI4.1 Server

And this is the 3rd Step is to test the Connectivity between our HANA SP07 server and BI4.1, our test will go take 2 steps

A. Creating the ODBC

B. Creating the Connection in IDT (Information Design Tool), Next blog

Start Creating the ODBC

1. Open the the 64bit ODBC


2. Click Add and Select HDBODBC from the list


3. enter the required information (ODBC Data Source Name, and HANA Server and Port Number)


4. Click Connect to Test the Connection, Enter a valid HANA username and password


5. The Connection Test says “Connect Successful”


6. Click Ok, and Again Click ok to add the ODBC Data Source to the system DSN


Now we have successfully added a new Valid HANA ODBC Connection to our ODBC System DNS, we can use this to Connect to SAP HANA from the IDT which i will show in another blog



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    • Hi Bharat

      i suggest you start from

      and check for whatever courses SAP provides about HANA and BW on HANA

      also there are many YouTube Videos you can watch online to get a start and an idea about HANA. thats how i started actually.

      Mainly you will need an access to SAP HANA which you can get it from the Amazon AWS free license for developers. Try | SAP HANA



        • BW always used to run on top of a relational Database such as (Oracle, SQL Server, ... etc). now after SAP HANA is there a new innovation has come to life "InMemory Databases" and SAP is trying to push Customers to change the underline database from any other vendor databases to their new Baby SAP HANA, this added many new features to run BW on HANA, Performance is one of them, since all the data stored inMemory.

          Good Luck

          • Thanks Amr Salem,

            Is it right time to switch from ABAP to BW on HANA ? Is there hard coder required for BW on HANA ? because i don't want to write code any more..!!! 

          • Well, its the right time to switch to HANA, i dont know much about BWonHANA, Most of the work required will be related to data modeling, but there are many business cases where you need solve it by writing code 🙂

            Personally, i don't like dealing with BW and its integration issues with BI4. i like relational data warehouses, and Pure HANA Database is giving me more than i want, it solved the performance bottleneck, everything else can be done much easier in HANA. all you need to have is the SQL Experience, and this is there with anyone working in BI&DW field.

    • Actually, SAP HANA is not only about data warehousing, SAP HANA is a huge platform which can be used for many purposes, as an ABAP programmer you may want to look into Developing HANA Applications, native applications, mobile Application, HANA River which is almost close to your area. there are a lot to be done in SAP HANA you need to look which area can suite you and you start from there.