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Dëv Päträ Full delete a material from material master record.


For any reason, we need to delete material from material master record.

For the main reason, when we create a wrong material or we had created a material but its not usable for procurement.

If we set deletion flag for material, we are not able to use this material but its still saved in database.

Here we can delete the material from database.

Lets discuss about this.

Here we can see there are 3 material exists in database.


Set deletion flag from MM06 for these 3 materials one by one.


Then go to MM71.


Give a variant name as you wish, then click “Maintain”

You will see a dialog box as below:


Just select the “For All Selection Screens” ans press continue.

You can see the previous screen.

Press “Maintain” again. You can see the below screen:


Just give your material as per arrow, Tick the option which is shown in above figure.

Then press back.

You will get a message box. Save value? press option “Yes”

You can see the Variant Attributes screen.


Just fill the “Meaning” as a description. and then press save buttons.

You can see a success message “Variant ZMAT_DELETE saved”

Press back again.

Now you are on “Archive Administrator” main screen.


Now press the “Start Date” and select “Immediate” and press Save.

Then press “Spool Params.”  give an output device then press continue.


You can see the both status will be green colour.

Now press execute.

You can see a success message “New archiving job was scheduled”

Now go to transaction SARA.


Select Archive Object “MM_MATNR”

Then press actions “Delete”


You can see the above screen.

Just press on “Archive Selection”

You can see the latest archive job which you have just created on MM71.

Just tick on this box, then press continue.

Set the “Start Date” and “Spool Parameters” as per mentioned above.

Here also you can see the green colour for these 3 selection.


Now just press execute buttons.

You can see a success message ” New deletion jobs were scheduled”

Now go to MARA table or t-code MM60.

Put the material code.

You can’t see the material in database. The below message will be shown.


That means you have deleted the material from material master record successfully.

Hope its doesn’t take several times to do.

It can save our disk space for master record.



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