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Mail Trigger with TEXT file via JOB run

This paper talks about mail trigger for multiple users in text file format after completion of a Job’s spool generation in any of the steps. We may trigger multiple mails for multiple steps in a job as per our requirement. It will be helpful for accessing reports quickly and also system load has been reduced.

Configuration Steps:

Go to business workplace SBWP Transaction

Select the distribution list icon in the top menu

Select create option for a new distribution list and it will take us to Attribution TAB.

Give the name and title and then press F4 in the folder to create a new one as below.

Press tick mark and new IOF Folder got created

2.6.    Select the Tab – distribution content and enter all required Email Ids and enter.

Now Recipe type will be changed as “via internet”

Then go to SM36 and press spool list recipient.

Here press F4 in the recipient and select the distribution list radio button and then give the list name. Finally save the spool list recipient and the add program and variant for the job step to complete the activity.

Run the Job.

If you got delayed to receive the mail go to SCOT to do refresh on the stuck queue.

We will receive mail as below.

Mail subject line would be taken from Job Name by default.

Global Mail Format Mail file format will be as per SCOT setting and it is client level.

In SCOT transaction press SMTP icon

Now Press set tab which is against internet check box to see the ABAP list formats

. In the below screen ABAP list format we have all available formats as TXT,HTM, PCL, PDF, PS

Avoid Mail Truncation (Prg BTC_OPTIONS_SET) Initially mail text file got truncated after few lines. Then we executed the program BTC_OPTIONS_SET to set no limit option so that file can be sent fully .

Before Upgrade Screen shot :  Set NO Limit

After EHP5 upgrade screen shot : set check box for Send Entire Spool list

Print Specification Suppose if SCOT global setting is TEXT format, and we need PDF format in the mail without any change in SCOT. In the above case we should not use spool recipient in the job. Instead we should use print specification out put device as “mail” and then input required email ID over there. ( not in spool recipient )

In the above case we will receive PDF file even though SCOT has TEXT format.

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  • Good  document.

    I have   a   doubt  after  doing  SM36 , I have  not received  any  mail  and  also I have   check in SCOT its  showing  2  errors

  • Hi,

    Very good and well documented! Thanks for sharing.

    Is it possible to have authorization on distribution folder shared list. I mean only authorized user can add/delete email id's from distribution list?


    Prashant Rane

  • Hi             Krishnendu Das god blog, thanks

    excuse me, my question is:  In SCOT - SMTP - Support Adress Type - Internet - ABAP List - HTM , however, I need send a emails with .TXT, how i can to do that without change nothing in SCOT?

    it means, the recipient  should receive the attachement in .TXT, not in HTM.

    is possible?

    Note: I have tested already this and I change HTM to TXT in SCOT , the result is success. however, I would like to know if there is other option (way) to do that without any modification in SCOT.

    thanks so much by your help



  • Hi again

    I have a question about BTC_OPTIONS_SET , my SAP in SE38 cannot find this program to execute, is there other new name or version?

    I have a ECC6.0 SAP Basis 700-17 and SAP APPL 602-04

    thanks so much by your help