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Create Info Record for different Order Unit


I have created a video for this functionality with a real time example in SAP system.

Link : Automatic price in Purchase order for different Order unit in SAP MM


Business Scenario

As we know about info record and order unit. In this document we are going to learn how to create an info record with different price for different order unit.

Sometimes we purchase a material in different different order unit, as example in BAG, KG, BOX etc etc. and the vendor will take the different price for the different order unit.

As suppose vendor will take Rs. 50 for KG, Rs. 100 for BAG and Rs. 500 for BOX.

Here you can maintain the price for different order unit in info record. So we don’t have to maintain manually price for the different order unit.


1. We have to maintain variable order unit in material master record.

Go to MM02, in purchasing tab


The variable order unit will control your further action. This option will allow to use different price for different order unit. You need to maintain the variable order unit as 2-Active with own price.

Then maintain the unit of measure as per your requirement.

Go to Additional Data-Units of measure


Maintain conversion as per your requirement.

2. Access Sequence

To use this facility, you need to be sure that your access sequence has the condition table 66 for ‘Info record per order unit’ and 67 for ‘Plant Info Record per Order Unit’. Otherwise, you can’t able to maintain condition record for order unit.

These condition tables are already maintained for access sequence 0002.


If you are using any custom access sequence, then you need to maintain the condition table 66 and 67.

3. Create Info record

We have to create info record for this material with particular vendor.

Go to ME11. Give the vendor, material, purchase organization and plant and then press enter.


You can see in general data, the variable order unit as 2 is automatically copied from material master.

Then press enter, you will go to the Purch. Organization Data 1 tab.


Here enter you all information, and give the price for KG in net price field.

Then press Condition tab


After pressing condition tab, a pop-up will shown to you (like as above screen shot) with all unit which you have maintained in material master.

We have to maintain different price in condition for each unit of measure.

Now select the KG and press Choose (You can double click on KG)


Here maintain the price for KG (it will automatically picked because we have maintained price for KG in Purch. Organization Data 1 tab).

Then press back button.

You will go back to the Purch. Organization Data 1 tab. Then again press condition tab. Again you will see the pop-up box as shown in previous figure.

Now double click on the unit of measure BAG.


Here maintain the price for BAG. As I have already said we will pay Rs. 100 for order unit BAG.

Then press back again.

You will go back to the Purch. Organization Data 1 tab. Then again press condition tab. Again you will see the pop-up box as shown in previous figure.

Now double click on the unit of measure BOX.


Maintain the price for BOX. As I have already said we will pay Rs. 500 for order unit BOX.

Now save your info record.



Now we are going to create a Purchase order for the same vendor and material.

Go to ME21N, fill the all details.

In line item, enter all details without price..

Firstly the default order unit will come PC and we can see the rate as well as maintained in info record.


We can see the price Rs. 50 has come to Purchase order as we have maintained Rs. 50 for KG in info record.

Now I am going to change the order unit as BAG in this PO.


Here you can see our price is automatically changed with Rs. 500, as we maintained Rs. 500 for BAG in info record.

Now I am going to change the order unit as BOX in this PO.


We can also see here, the price will change automatically with Rs. 500 as we have maintained Rs. 500 for BOX.

Now you can save your PO with this order unit as per your requirement.

In this way we can maintain different price in info record for different order unit.

No need to do any configuration, just create the info record properly. You will able to fetch the price according to the info record.

You just need to be sure that you have the condition table as 66 – Info record per order unit for your access sequence. To know more about condition table and access sequence and how to assign each other, then have a look into the blog post Pricing procedure Steps and Details in SAP MM.

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  • Always well explained with screen shots. Good document. In one place under Pre-requisites, I think it is 'maintain conversion' but you have mentioned 'maintain conversation'.

  • /
  • Good docu, I had not know this function before. Yesterday I cross checked some of our systems and did not find it anywhere in use.

      • If Jurgen the master approves of your presentation and document, then you have done a pretty good job and you can pat yourself on the back for your effort. We are all grateful to all you guys for helping and for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  • Hi Dev,

    I have made my material order unit 1 PAC = 10 PC, 1 BAG = 60 PC in the material master and also select Variable Purchase Order Unit 2. However, when I go to create info record there was no pop up upon clicking "Condition" tab.

    Is there any configuration I am missing here?



  • I have a question, what if a materials can be purchased by different vendors and they have different conversions for the same unit. For example for one vendor a box has 10 units and another one has 15 units/box. What should be done in this cases?

    Thank you¡

    • Yes, you can do that...

      Just maintain the conversion factor differently in info record.


      Create two info record with two different conversion for two vendor with same material..

      Try it yourself and revert back.

  • Dev.. Nice write up but honestly saying, I didn't follow much as I have never worked in MM 🙁

    But surely it would come handy sometime so I have bookmarked it 🙂

    I want to ask if anytime if possible, can you release a document for the basic functionality of MM (I'm asking from QM point of view). I'll explain,

    1. Creating a PO
    2. Doing MIGO/GR against it & accordingly posting the stock to UR, Blocked or QI.
    3. Next process could be either of consumption or Quality inspection
    4. In both situation, if return to vendor is required, what are the basic steps?
    5. Prerequisites of return process.

    I don't if you have already released such document or someone else because I never searched intensely (don't know what would suit me).

    If you know about such doc, please share with me!! If not, do release anytime you want as per your comfort.

    I don't even know if I need to create a thread for this because everybody would jump onto me as this is not something hard to get 🙂 , I just don't know how to get !!


  • Hi Dev,

    Its really valuable information, thank you so much for sharing this doc, please keep  it up superb  for sharing  valuable effort.

    Best regards,

    Sanjib Naik.

  • Hi Dev,

    Good Doc indeed!

    1. At the end of the Blog Unit "PC" appears, I think you mean it "Kg".

    2. In which case Var Ord Unit = "1" (active) to be used?

    3. Is it possible to have Var Ord Unit as "1" for Vendor 1 and "2" for Vendor 2. But if it is getting defaulted from Material Master to Info Record, then how to do that. But this question has dependency on Question 2.


    • 1. Correct, that was a mistake, I have changed this. (Thank You for the support)

      2. Var. Order Unit 1 is used when we have to use different unit in purchasing document.

      3. Yes, you can use 1 for vendor 1 and 2 for vendor 2.

      At this position you have to change the variable order unit in info record.

    • Hi Mahi,

      In addition to Dev Sir comment one more information for question 3. Of course you can use Var Ord unit as "1" for vendor 1 and "2" for Vendor 2. But if you use Var Ord unit as "1" in inforecord you may not go for Different prices for different order units. Only it is possible if you use Var ord unit "2" in inforecord.



  • I have got a similar requirement for Purchasing Cotton. Cotton are purchased using Bale as UoM. Price is negotiated with different UoM like Candy/Mound. Conversion between KG to CND/MND is fixed. But, 1 bale can contain , 165-175 KG. I believe this document will help me in testing this scenario. Nice one.

  • Hi Dev,

    Its really a nice and informative document.

    I checked this in my system and found that system allows me to put any UoM in Purchase Order Unit field. Ex. if I maintain conversion for a material in MMR Yard - Meter, Yard - Feet but I can keep the Purchase unit other than these two also.

    How can I stop this and only allow those which I have maintain in MMR.

    • If you set the field value 1 or 2 for Variable Order Unit, Then system will allow to use all unit of measure (which is assign with material master) for PO order unit.

      If you set the value as blank, then system will always take the base unit of measure as PO unit or Order unit as PO unit (If any).

      • I have set this indicator as you suggested but still system allows me to pick any Purchase Unit irrespective of MMR.

        I also tried after changing the message 06340 as E but the result was same.

        • Check again. The conversion must be maintained in material master - Additional data - Unit of measure.

          If the unit of measure is not maintained in material master then system will prompt a error message as "Order unit XXX cannot be converted into base unit XXX".

          If you are still facing same error, then please create a discussion with screen shot for material master and PO.

  • Hi DEV,

    Wonderful Document with better clarity and beautiful explanations...Waiting to see some more like this....

    Good Effort....

    With Warmest Regards,


  • Hi Dev,

    Is there a way that we can have a different UOM for subcontract process?  We have a vendor that is charging per lot us for outside process but our finished part and component part is in pc.

    Thank you for any insight.


    • If you will set the variable order unit as 1 or 2, then you can use different order unit in PO as per your requirement. You just need to maintain the conversion in MMR.

  • Hi Dev,

    When we set up a subcontract purchasing info record there is not a part number associated with it so therefore it will not pull the order unit in to the PIR.  Is there some way to connect it somehow?

  • Hi Dev,

    It is really nice document. I have not used it. I had some doubts while practicing on sandbox earlier, after reading your document i have cleared my doubts, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hello Dev,

    This is very informative.. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I have a scenario.

    Is it possible to have vendor auto-picked from PIR based on the "Order unit "

    Suppose I have 2 vendors P and Q delivering the same goods G in packs of 180 kgs and 190kgs respectively.

    If my ordered quantity is a multiple of 180 kg then vendor P should be auto-picked in the PR, if the quantity ordered is a multiple of 190 kg then Vendor Q should be picked.

    Based on your above document I've come across half the possible solution.

    i.e by creating two different order units X(180kg) and Y(190 kg). If we maintain PIR with these order units separately(combination of Vendor Q and Order UoM X - PIR 1 and Combination of Vendor Q and Order UoM Y - PIR 2.

    If in the PIR I change the Order Unit to desired one will the PR pick the right vendor?



    • No. Vendor can be defaulted only from source of supply (source determination), not only from info record.

      General concept of info record is to pick price with some combination.

  • One we maintain various ordering units, which ordering unit will MRP propose and how can I make MRP propose ordering unit according to my requirement?

  • Hi Dibyendu Patra,

    First of all nice document and explained in details.

    I have one query: Is there any limit to these Variable order unit which can be maintained in info record. SInce in my case I have 8 AUoM maintained in material master and in info record I could see only 5. When I delete or add any AUoM it start appearing in Info record.

    SO my further query is whether it consider last 5 updated AUoM or what is the logic?



  • We have all this set up and as in your example it works for purchase order. However, it doesn't work for purchase requisition. It determines the inforecord, however, doesn't inform or change the purchase unit of measure. any idea why? Even if I change it manually, it doesn't change it.