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Complex Unloading in EWM (without RF/using desktop screen)

Hi All

Sometimes when you tried to unload goods from TU (/n/scwm/tu), you might have got error “Warehouse Process Type XXXX does not allow for immediate confirmation” or “Simple unload is not possible”. That means we need to do complex unloading where we need to create Warehouse Tasks for unloading and confirm them.

This blog explains you the steps to be done for complex unloading and possible errors you may come across.

Overview of steps:

  1. Pack goods in TU –> /scwm/prdi
  2. Create WT for Unloading –> /scwm/tu
  3. Confirm the Task –> /scwm/to_conf or /scwm/mon


  1. Inbound delivery(ies) are distributed to EWM.
  2. Shipment distributed to EWM or TU was created manually in EWM.
  3. TU linked to inbound deliveries in EWM.
  4. TU was checked in & docked at door.

1. Pack the Goods in TU

If HUs are not there already, we need to pack the goods. For this, go to transaction /n/scwm/prdi.

image 1.jpg

In the workcenter screen, you can create HUs automatically or manually. Create HU(s) and save HU(s). Packing the goods is out of scope for this blog.

2. Create Warehouse Task for Unloading

After packing is completed or already HU(s) existing, you can see those HU(s) in TU screen (transaction /n/scwm/tu) tab “Assigned HU”.

image 3.jpg

Now, click on “Create WT” button.

image 2.jpg

NOTE: If you do any change to Inbound delivery after assigning it to TU, then you may get error “Delivery assigned to TU is inconsistent”. In such cases, please click on check button on TU screen, save the TU and try creating WT for unloading.

Now, WT will be created for unloading. This can be verified in the unloading screen (transaction /n/scwm/unload) or by checking the log in TU screen. Log shows HU WT Creation for HU XXXXXXXXXXXXXX with all entries in green.

image 4.jpg

In the unloading screen, you can see green bulb for Unload WT field against to the HU.

image 5.jpg

Confirm the Task

You can find the task in Warehouse Monitor (transaction /n/scwm/mon) or in TO Confirmation screen (transaction /n/scwm/to_conf). In Warehouse monitor go to Inbound\Documents\Inbound Delivery, enter inbound delivery# and execute. Click on Warehouse Task button by selecting inbound delivery.

image 7.jpg

To confirm the WT, select WT, go to more functions and use Confirm WT in Foreground/background functions. Alternatively, you can do this from TO Confirmation screen.

image 6.jpg

Once the task is confirmed, status in TU/Inbound Delivery will be updated to “Unloading Completed”.

Hope this content is helpful to you. Please write to me if you have any queries/need help.


Sasidhar Gupta

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      Author's profile photo Melih Dal
      Melih Dal

      Hi Mr. Gupta,

      When I try this unload process, I get an eror "WT creation not possible for simple process." what could be the reason?

      Best Regards.