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#SCNis10…. I am Four …. There is much to gain …. Still we want more

It’s really nice to know that SCN is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So heartiest congratulation to SCN for this achievement.

I got associated with SAP in the year 2009 so its almost 4 years long relationship between me & SCN. I must admit that when I entered into this field SCN guided me as a friend to establish me in this wide arena of SAP. 🙂

I didn’t know much about SAP before I entered. Someone suggested me that there is community of elite SAP members which put forward there guidance & experience on different forums, which help an individual to make up his or her decision before entering into the field of SAP. This forum certainly helped me lot to make up decision to select a particular module & to go ahead into the SAP

Initially when I started up handling issue of client SCN really help me to provide its guidance in solving some of critical issues, which helped me to get good credentials from my client. Over period of time it helped me to enhance my knowledge & understanding about my module.

This is the best forum to gain knowledge & share knowledge of SAP. This year onward I have started contributing over the SCN which gave me more confidence about my module & feels great to be associated as contributor.

Wishing SCN continues to support & guide us in similar way  for many more years… 🙂


Want to quote(not from Me) a line which will brief my relationship between me & SCN

“A Relationship is not based on length of time you spend together ,it is based on the foundation you built together” 🙂 🙂

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