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How to Find SPRO path from any Infotype in another Simple way

Dear Friends

I’ve seen Suhaib Aziz similar document earlier which Inspired me to create a new document for HCM users, where finding the SPRO path from PA30 makes much easier & simpler, Most of the time from any unknown place/field we think that the data inside those fields need to be modified or Configured. So, this process helps us to do such changes. Here we go now..

Goto PA30


Choose a valid Infotype which have Img Config steps in detailed for each field


Now Press F4 on the field which have IMG config steps & click on Create button


After clicking on create we get another pop-up screen where system asks to continue with or without specifying project. choose without & proceed further


Now select the following IMG activity where u can maintain ur config


Now select the IMG navigation which was marked in yellow color & click on execute


After maintaining here, system ask for a new request & once its saved, help ur self by clicking on Back button & come back to the main screen PA30.

Now Automatically in desired field the drop down menu gets updated. this helps u to update the fields & proceed further in a simple way.but personally still I found this method also very helpful as it directly updates the F4 records.

Note: If the desired fields are not in IMG config then we can’t navigate through F4 & can’t even find a create button also. sometimes even we can’t find the customizing button from F1 as its gets greyded out.

Await for your positive feedback & valuable inputs.



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