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In production/process order we find Confirmed date in two places. One is in General data tab page and another in Dates/Qties tab page. Below screen shot shows these two fields in the process order.

These two field are getting updated in different time with different statuses.

The confirmed date (end) in general data tab page is getting updated when the GR will happen and delivered qty will appear in General data . Confirmed start date will update once the confirmation started. Hence the field Confirmed end date will only appear when the order is in DLV status.

In other way the confirmed field in Dates/Qties used to get updated in a different manner. Confirmed start date will appear the same date on which the confirmation started(either phase/operation). But confirmed end date will appear once the last phase got confirmed. This means the end date will appear once the order status is CNF.

Sometimes confirmed end date in two different tab shows same date and time stamp. This means the last (final) confirmation happened and auto GR has been done(through control key). This doesn’t mean that two fields captures the same data.

If final confirmation is done (no GR has been done) then only Confirmed end date will be updated in Dates/Qties tab. Lets consider after 5 days GR is being done then the confirmed end date in General data tab page will be updated with a date which is after 5 days of the confirmation.

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  1. Aditya S

    Hi Krishnendu,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Though this looks a basic, you have clearly explained us the difference. I have also given rating to you. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

      1. Aditya S

        Hello Krishnendu,

        Yes, i completely agree with you. Thats why we have thanked you for sharing your knowledge. It  will help many PP guys who reads this .

        Thanks again for ur initiative. 🙂


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