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Automatic Purchase order creation for Return Delivery

Return Delivery (161 Movement)

The 161 movement is done when the material are sent to vendor as return for damage or spoil when found at line which doesn’t contain correct reference Purchase order , in the scenario we should create a manual purchase order and mark return item and sent the returns with reference of manually created return purchase order , it can be done automated

Scenario :


if we are having a cable vendor ,returning cable remnants to them , we receive a credit memo from vendor for the valve of copper contained so we send the cable remnants by return 161 documents so for reference we create a return purchase order  , same scenario apply for returning empty cartridges to vendor 

consider material x is procured from a vendor for 10 in one purchase order and 20 in another purchase order and stored in stores location 30 and once it is moved from stored to wip we came to know the defect , we wont have good receipt 101  po reference ,there we use returns by 161 movement and create a new return purchase order


1 . Purchase order  created manually for return

2.  Automated purchase order  creation for return

1.Purchase order  created manually for return

It can be done by creating a purchase order for the material to return and marking a return tick indicator in purchase order

manual po for return 161.PNG

2.  Automated purchase order  creation for return

we go for automated purchase order creation for return delivery to reduce the process of creating purchase order

An automatic   Return purchase order can be created by posting 161 movement

Prerequisite in customizing

Automatic Purchase order should be activated for 161 movement



The return delivery purchase order purchase organization should be assigned as standard purchase organization for the plant

spro-enterprise structure -assignment-material management -assign standard purchase organization to the plant

standard purchase.PNG

In OMJJ -T.code

in field selection  maintain  LIFNR  field as required entry


the reason for movement also captured

T-code –  OMJJ  – reason of movement entries can be added , these entries can  be referred   in 161 posting at the time of MIGO.

reason for movement.JPG

in user end

The material should be a valuated material

the purchase info record must exit wit the material vendor purchase organization combination

Purchase group should me maintained in Vendor master record

GO to t-code MIGO

Give function Good receipt for the purchase order reference select the movement type as 161 movement

select the non ordered item as shown

non ordered.PNG

give material number , plant ,vendor and quantity.

161 migo.PNG

once posted check in me2m or me23n

corresponding return item tick purchase order is created

return 161 po.PNG

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