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Taking a Unique (Customized) Path to Success in Banking

The competition in the banking industry has never been greater, as banks continually seek ways to retain consumers’ business by making their lives easier and more efficient.

That’s not easy because today’s customers are savvier and much more demanding than ever – they want creative services that safely and securely serve them no matter where they are. /wp-content/uploads/2013/12/272299_l_srgb_s_gl_banking_349780.jpg

In a time of tight profit margins, this is putting immense pressure on banks as they strive to cut costs and remain profitable. And on a more global scale, there is a need for banks to increase visibility, manage risk more effectively, and comply with ever-changing and increasingly complex local, national, and even international regulations.

Define your own path to success

As a bank that strives for innovation and differentiation, you can enlist the help of SAP Custom Development to get new banking products and services to the market quickly. Through technology tailored to your organization, we can help you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage by using customized product lifecycle modeling to develop quality products that meet your customer needs and getting those offerings to market more quickly
  • Enhance your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by correcting errors more quickly, implementing integrated processes, and streamlining operations from the back office to the front office and across distribution channels
  • Maximize the return on your software investments by adapting and enhancing SAP for Banking solutions, simplifying future upgrades, and forecasting costs more accurately
  • Boost flexibility while lowering costs by leveraging state-of-the-art delivery methods and a global team of experts with deep industry and solution knowledge

Solutions for your industry

SAP is a trusted partner to banks around the globe and we have deep expertise in banking processes that can help you differentiate your institution. Applications that are offered by SAP Custom Development can drive innovation to enhance your business processes, increase cost savings, and improve profitability. These solutions, which you can add to a standard banking platform based on SAP software, support a wide variety of business needs, including:

  • Account origination for counseling and application processes related to consumer loans, deposit products, retirement products, and real estate financing
  • Account assignment for assigning deposit, savings, and loan accounts to a single business unit, such as a bank branch, enabling you to transfer existing terms to new contracts in the event of a merger or acquisition
  • Exchange of payment files and bank statements with corporate customers for minimizing integration effort and cost by meeting bank-specific file formats and standards like ISO XML 20022
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration for connecting core banking processes with legacy applications and user interfaces from multiple vendors
  • Complex wholesale loans with a focus on syndication for gaining a comprehensive view of individual customer processes that helps structure task lists, engagement lists, process administration, and engagement administration
  • Payment engine supporting interbank and customer-to-bank payments for streamlining all payment processes
  • Application interface framework for reducing the cost and effort of implementing interfaces and allowing for versioning of different interface implementations

Technology that is customized to your bank’s specific needs can help to enhance your customer service levels by integrating processes across your organization. And solutions tailored specifically to your unique challenges can improve profitability, quality, and compliance and help you anticipate consumer needs faster than ever before.

To learn more about how our services can serve your unique banking requirements, read the solution brief entitled, “Fostering Innovation on a Standard Banking Platform,” or visit the SAP Custom Development Services page.

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