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After winning SAP Teched Demojam (Bangalore): 2012 it was relaxing time until we decided to go for Demojam-2013.


And once again I was ready to put 3 months of ALL fun aside and start preparing for the competition.

After a lot of discussion we come up with the idea “Smart house” which understand your mood, control the objects in the house, monitor your health and inform the hospital with necessary resource booking in case of emergency.

With the help of SAP HANA on cloud, mobility, SAP visual enterprise, UI5 and smart sensors our application Intelli-Den is all set for Teched Demo jam.


Intelli-Den covers two scenarios:

  1. It can analyze your mood through sentiment analysis and control the smart objects like smart light, smart music automatically.
  2. It also monitors your heart beats and blood pressure using sensors and takes necessary actions in case of emergency.


To Demonstrate Intelli-Den we thought of creating a small house model and mapped the sensors in the model to that the one in visual enterprise based model in intelli-Den application.


For health Zone, We used the pulse sensor which transfers the pulse value to Intelli-Den using Bluetooth interface. This real time information can be seen in the application .


In case of abnormal pulse detection, Intelli-Den books the necessary resources at hospital side like doctor, nurses, operation theatre, blood from external blood bank in case if it’s not there in the inventory and it also calls an ambulance for pick up the patient.

We also used Google maps API to locate the ambulance while it’s on its way to hospital.


Well so when patient reaches the hospital Everything is taken care by Intelli-Den and doctors already have the past medical history of the patient provided by Intelli-Den which helps them to cure the patient effectively.

Intelli-Den Demo was 1st runners up for Demo jam Bangalore competition in 2013.

Team : Raju Borda , Trinoy Hazarika, Tanushree das ,Lokesh Rajak,Phanibhusan M.

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  1. Midhun VP


    I got the opportunity to sit through your  demo. This particular demo was in an area that not many of us knew enough about and we were looking to educate ourselves 🙂 . It was really interesting and exciting. Congrats.

    – Midhun VP

  2. Jitendra Kansal

    Hi Raju,

    I am not able to see pics attached to your blog. 🙁

    I have tried this in chrome and as well as in firefox also. Please check once at your end.



  3. Jitendra Kansal

    Hi Raju,

    Yes, i can see all pics now. thanks.

    I was present during DemoJam 2013 and it always excites me when i get to know about new innovative ideas from people like you. Totally new concept. Great job done by you and your teammate.

    Many congratulations for 1st Runner up. 🙂



  4. Vivek Singh Bhoj

    HI Raju,

    I saw your last year’s demo online

    But this time I got to see it live and it was a great demo

    Liked it a lot

    Congrats for being runner up this time around



  5. Ramakrishnappa Gangappa

    Hi Raju,

    Its quite late to read this blog as being your colleague @ MSG 😉 and we proud of you.

    Congrats for the achievement 🙂 The idea of intelli-den is just great and a innovative approach.

    Keep it up and I look forward for more of such great ideas from you.




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