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Due to the increasing demand for trained SAP for Insurance Application consultants, we have recently released a new Associate Certification Exam.

Reference exam code C_FSIINS_66 when booking.

This exam includes topics across the SAP for Insurance solution so you may need to increase your knowledge in some areas.  Included are:  FS-CD, ICM, FS-CD and FS-PM 5.1.

The certification test, SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP for Insurance, verifies the basic knowledge in the area of the SAP for Insurance application. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic overall understanding within this consultant profile of the industry solution, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. It is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get acquainted with the fundamentals of SAP for Insurance.

For a synopsis of this exam, please visit us here:—sap-for-insurance-erp-60-ehp6-g/

For sample exam questions, click on the PDF Link near the top of the web page.

Good Luck!

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  • I think SAP should have come up with certifications in individual modules rather than a single certification comprising all the modules. We rarely have any one who works (or can work) on all the modules of SAP for insurance. If certification means a 'certificate of proficiency' in a module than 'C_FSIINS_66' doesn't help the cause at all. The certificate will be just a waste of resources from the aspirant perspective. 

  • You make a very good point Santosh, however, the idea here was to increase the ecosystem of Insurance Consultants with a wider breadth of knowledge with a focus on integration.  As this is an entry-level certification, new consultants would be more marketable with knowledge across the Insurance solution and as such could more easily be placed on projects.  Of course, creating 3-4 separate exams would be ideal and as demand grows we will consider this option.  Exams are very costly to create so we have to be careful that we allocate funds appropriately.  Hopefully demand will increase substantially so that we can invest in creating Professional Certification exams in the future which will test a consultant's ability to apply the features/functions of a module in an implementation.

    • Well I appreciate your point of view. if you (SAP) are pitching this as entry level then the design/content of the certification appears flawed. For each module we have a functional and then we have a customizing/configuration part of it. Ironically the certification covers both the parts. An entry level consultant cannot be expected to know the configuration/customizing aspect of all the modules (four of them to be precise). So to come up with a certification to enhance the ecosystem of SAP for insurance, that too of not well designed/thought of will rather render the aspirants more irrelevant than marketable. Ultimately a course is evaluated on the basis of value/skill add that it brings along.   

  • I second Santosh's views. It would have been ideal if we had separate certification for each module. Even in the organization, resources are positioned as individual module consultants (eg:- FS-CM Consultant, FS-CD consultant) and not as insurance suite consultants. Also the certification material for FS-PM module is of very poor quality. The FS-PM solution itself is very slowly eveolving and to come up with a certification for it or involve it as an item in a certification exam is baffling.

    To draw a parallel analogy with the ERP solution, we dont have a certification for ERP as a whole, it is always certification for individual modules like SD, MM, PP etc. Similar approach should have been adopted for insurance certification as well.

    • Hello Marino,

      Not all countries have demand for SAP for Insurance training.  Your best bet is to consider taking the training at SAP Germany.  They schedule the insurance classes more regularly than any other countries.

  • Hi Ragina,

    Can you please help me to get more information about sap INSURANCE certification, Even I have worked as a technically in SAP FSCD and have very good understanding about it . Now I want to get certification also in that


    Best Regards,

    Adarsh Sharma