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Creating modification adjustment transport for automatic handling of SPDD/SPAU during support pack activity using SPAM/SAINT.

In this document I will outline the concept behind SPDD and SPAU and how modification adjustment transport requests should be created for automatic handling of adjustments during Support pack activity. This document can be used when handling adjustments using SPAM/SAINT tool.

During the SPDD_SPAU_CHECK phase of the support pack activity, SPAM tool scans for modified objects in the system. It compares the modified objects identified in the system to the NEW objects coming via the new support pack which are being applied in the current support pack queue. The modified objects consist of the repository and the dictionary objects. Modified objects mean SAP standard objects which are modified by the customer to suit their need. The tool makes a list of these objects and sorts then into type SPDD and SPAU. Objects classified under SPDD are dictionary objects( tables , structures, views etc. ). Objects classified into SPAU are repository objects ( Screen elements , reports, programs etc. ) .

Consider we have a 3 system landscape with SID’s DEV, QAS and PRD all in same transport landscape and domain controller. Initially the support packs are applied on DEV system. During the SPDD/SPAU phase we perform the adjustments on DEV system. The adjustments are locked in adjust modification requests. So we will create one request for SPDD and one request for SPAU. The objective now is that adjustments have to be handled automatically in QAS and PRD system.

Now the correct way to perform this as below. Consider we have one request for SPDD and one for SPAU. Please be aware that you need to release only the tasks. Not the request. The transport request will be released later by the system when we are tagging this as the adjustment transport request as shown below. If you have already released the transport request, you may have to create new transport request by including the objects or a transport of copies.

We have to assign the newly created transport for SPDD or SPAU or as below. Go to SPDD or SPAU screens after the requests are created.

  • Click on the Assign transport button
  • Furnish the Request/Task


  • Sometimes you may have created several transport requests for SPDD or for SPAU. Now you can merge all these transport requests into a transport of copies. In that case make sure you Change the “Request Type” to transport of copies by “Transport of copies “ and below


  • Click on the Check button once done.  The following screens are as below



  • You will get the below message at the bottom of the screen once you press “YES”


Now when the request will be appended with request attributes which you can see via SE01. Basically the SPAM tool will compare the support pack level in the request attributes and only if the support packs level matches, the transport request will be accepted as an modification request. During the SP activity you have to provide these transports when modification adjustment pops up comes. This is the same procedure to be followed for both SPAM and SAINT.

In case you are using SUM tool, then you have to use 2 separate requests for SPDD and SPAU  and furnish them during the configuration roadmap step when the tool asks you.


  1. 1) SPDD has to be handled when SPAM/SAINT pops up for SPDD adjustment. If you skip SPDD when it is prompted all you dictionary modifications will be lost
  2. 2) You are not supposed to import any transport requests during support pack activity as these transport requests may corrupt the transport programs responsible for support pack activity. Always include the modification adjustment transports for automatic SPDD/SPAU handling.

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      Author's profile photo M Madhu
      M Madhu

      good one., 🙂

      Author's profile photo S Sriram
      S Sriram

      nice one

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      nice document, very useful

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good post to understand how to create the modification adjustment transport request...

      Author's profile photo Rainer Schmitz
      Rainer Schmitz

      good article!

      I have a question:

      Is it possible to define a transports as modification transport AFTER SP installation? Our problem is, that the transports have not beend defines as modification transports while doing SPDD and SPAU.

      After reading this article i guess that it will not be possible because the support package levels do not match.

      thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Soumya Maitra
      Soumya Maitra

      well explained. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Adriana Gonçalves Silva de Medeiros
      Adriana Gonçalves Silva de Medeiros


      In my case, I need to create a "Modification Adjustments" for a package installation of the our Add-On. The objects in OT are our Add-On, and I need import this OT in diferents installation SAP, and becouse this affirmative "only if the support packs level matches, the transport request will be accepted as an modification request. " my OT was ignored.

      What can I do?

      Thank you very much.

      Adriana Medeiros

      Author's profile photo Harald Stevens
      Harald Stevens


      Hi Adriana,

      I am not quite sure if I understand your question correctly...

      What do mean by OT (object Transport?)?

      Normally a modification adjustment is necessary when SAP delivers a new Version of an development artifact which has been modified by the customer. In case this modification has been done by an add-on (something which should be avoided if possible...), the Producer of the add-on is reponsible to check how the modification should be dealt with. The Outcome of that check is put into a so called Conflict Resolution Transport (CRT) which is then included into the upgrade so that this part of modification adjustment is covered. This CRT also includes Information for which Releases it is valid.

      Please also see documentation on this Topic here

      Is this the Situation you talking about?

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo F.S. myBrand - BAM
      F.S. myBrand - BAM

      In the new SAP-systems SPDD is changed, the menu-item "Assigna transport" is not available any more. How can we create the umod-file? 

      Author's profile photo Eida Hanafiah Ahmad
      Eida Hanafiah Ahmad


      How do I check if the transport has been flag for SPDD?