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Description: We normally use web intelligence pie chart to show the data using one dimension and one measure.

But what about when we need to use two measure with pie chart. Looks bit difficult. Below is the workaround to fulfil the requirement.

Please note in this we don’t have any dimension object.


Let us assume we need to show the below data in pie chart. In the above table we don’t have any dimension objects.






  1. Create a new data provider. Use one dimension objects in the query panel. Now we will write the custom  SQL.

Select  ‘CommissionEarned

Union All

Select ‘CommissionGiven’

This is will create a one user defined dimension object.

  1. Now create a new formula with below condition.

If <New DataProvider>.ObjectName=”CommissionEarned” Then  Measure object  <CommissionEarned> Else  <Commissiongiven>. This will bring value of two columns in one column i.e a new variable which is created.

Object from 2nd DP

New Variable





This is it. Now we can use above table to show data in pie chart.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Mantu,

    I have a similar requirement what you described above. I followed the exact steps to achieve multiple measures in a single pie chart. But it displays blanks when I set the properties of the variable as measure. Can you help me out with this?..

    Do we need to use something like ForceMerge? because objects are from different data providers


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