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Whitepaper – SAP HANA System Landscape Guide

The original “Whitepaper – SAP HANA System Landscape Guide” has been written for the meanwhile outdated SPS 07 of SAP HANA.

For current information please consult the SAP HANA Master Guide ( on SAP HANA Platform (Core) – SAP Help Portal Page.

—- edited 9.8.2016, Lars Breddemann, Moderator —-

The attached document is mainly intended for architects, system administrators, project managers, and others working with SAP HANA. It is intended to provide an overview of the various aspects that are most relevant and important to understand and consider when planning a system landscape which features SAP HANA.

The following topics are covered in this document, as they relate to SAP HANA and its system landscape:

  • Use cases and scenarios
  • Architectural concepts
  • Deployment options
  • Content lifecycle management (i.e. transport)
  • Data provisioning
  • Business continuity

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      Former Member

      Here is the first edition of the whitepaper "SAP HANA System Landscape Guide". We are interested in your feedback, please feel free to comment.  Also, if you have questions about any of the content or related topics, please feel free to ask them here.  

      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby

      Nice doc. Maybe this should reside in though?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks John.  I'll bring it up to the KM colleagues and see if they want to feature it there.


      B/R -



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      Former Member

      I would have a question about the White Paper and, in particular, about the new architecture of SAP HANA from SPS07.
      From SPS07 is it possible install two applications running BW component like "BW on HANA" and " BPC on HANA" in MCOD configuration ( in two different schemas) in a production environment?




      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby

      See SAP Note 1661202 - Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA


      The answer is no, it is not possible. Only one BW schema is possible on one HANA DB.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      if I get you right you intend to run a single BWonHANA instance in combination with SAP BPC in different schemas on top of the very same HANA engine .. this will be supported by SAP in production according to the 'white list' in SAP note 1661202 John already mentioned.



      Author's profile photo Sadanand Bhat
      Sadanand Bhat

      Hi Jens,

      Looks like pretty old post. Do we have a new version of this doc? If yes can you please share it?




      Author's profile photo MDM Support
      MDM Support

      Hi Jens,

      This document is not covering the latest SP09 feature MDC. Can you please update this guide to include the same.




      Author's profile photo Anil Dandi
      Anil Dandi

      This was a very informative document. Is there an updated version available?




      Author's profile photo Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Rudolf Wiesmayr

      Nice overview, but it definitely needs an update covering ...

      • SPS 12 and
      • S/4HANA aspects as well as
      • multi-tenancy and
      • a current description of what can be done with VMs.


      Sorry to say that, but its just outdated and no serious source of information for planning and designing.


      Kind regards, Rudi

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      Former Member

      To refresh such kind of knowledge a good starting point probably is

      Author's profile photo Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Author's profile photo Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Rudolf Wiesmayr

      Does anyone know why there is no reaction to our questions for such a long time?


      I tried to ask this by using "Alert Moderator" - no way ...


      ??? Rudi

      Author's profile photo Florian Pfeffer
      Florian Pfeffer

      This is a free forum here where you will find tons of outdated documents. If you look at the time of creation I think that is normal. Also the author has not logged on for three years now.


      Just that a document is outdated and that you get also no reponse from the author is NO reason to report it.


      If you need help and you do not find the right information here, please create a discussion marked as question (with the specific things you cannot solve or wanna maybe know) or contact your SAP responsible.


      Thx & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Rudolf Wiesmayr

      Sorry to say that, Florian, but i disagree in some points:

      • As a customer employee I expect from entries in SCN made by SAP employees that these entries are "somewhate more official" than contributions from customers or partners.
      • In addition, I expect some caretaking from the posters that the information does not get outdated.
      • And when it does - and this is OK, do not get me wrong - I expect some declaration of the status. And in the best case, removal with a pointer to the current info. As it is now done by Lars ...
      • And when SAP authors "go away" there should be some handover to collegues taking care of the contents.
      • And the moderators should be interested in keeping the quality high, especially for "SAP generated content". So I do see a reason to report such issues.
      • And - sorry again - your last recommendation to create a new discussion reminds me of standard responses from 1st-level-support i am almost allergic of.

      Nix für ungut!

      Author's profile photo Lars Breddemann
      Lars Breddemann

      Hi Rudi,


      I can understand your point of view and that you expectations on content published by SAP colleagues. The expectations are all valid for official information and I would say, all in all the colleagues concerned with managing the official content do a pretty good job (,,


      Having the same level of content quality for SCN content would be nice.


      As usual in real life, things are not always that simple, though.

      Handovers are not always possible and the current SCN platform doesn't allow for easy content maintenance (one of the big problems, that are hopefully going to be solved with the new platform).

      As a matter of fact, we (internally) struggled quite a bit with other documents as well to ensure that old versions are identifiable as such and that there is at least a link to a more current version. This document clearly slipped through for that.


      SCN moderators are, just as Florian pointed out, not a sort of quality police and expecting active management of published content from them/us is quite a bit, considering that no moderator actually gets paid for this.

      As it is, SCN is still a volunteer community of, by and for professionals in the SAP space.

      The "Alert Moderator" button is meant to report breaches of The SCN Rules of Engagement which wasn't the case here and that is what Florian commented on.


      So, I'd say reaching out to moderation directly via PM was a good choice. After all, this is a community of people and people usually don't communicate via alerts or undirected comments. Reaching out and getting in touch: whole different story!


      With that I hope to close the chapter on this old bit of documentation.






      p.s. I worked in 1st level support for the first half of my SAP life and I know a number of awesome colleagues there...

      Author's profile photo Lars Breddemann
      Lars Breddemann

      Just like most other content here on SCN, this document was provided as-is, without any maintenance attached to it.

      That's what we have the official documentation for.


      By now the major part of the content has been included in the standard SAP HANA documentation: SAP HANA Master Guide - SAP Library

      (also as PDF


      The Master Guide is the single point of entry for all questions around SAP HANA landscape architecture and design.


      Other, possibly related topics, like S/4 HANA, HEC and HCP are of course covered in their respective documentations and not mingled together into this document (just because they have HANA in their name...).


      Hope that helps.

      Author's profile photo Rudolf Wiesmayr
      Rudolf Wiesmayr

      Thanks very much, Lars!