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What tray settings to be used in Web Template to get the previous state


In a Web Application Template    if we have used Tray settings which at initial state is not required to be expanded but while forecasting if the tray is expanded then after a refresh of the template it should be in the same state as before the refresh. In this document we will be seeing what settings are required for the tray to be retrieved in the same state as it was before the refresh of the template.

Following tray settings are required to be set in the Web Application designer:-

  1. You need to include the Java script item into the template as shown below.

image 1.png

   2. Then add the below command “Back to Previous State” and click on Next.

   image 2.png

  3. The script is automatically written by the Web Application designer and now click on “OK”.

   image 3.png

     4.  Then go to the container properties where the tray is used.

image 4.png

   5.  In the tray settings section we have following parameters to be considered. In this we have Update (UPDATE_TYPE), which has :-

          a. Roundtrip Active

          b. Client Passive

Select roundtrip Active which gets the state of the tray from the server and hence when a refresh is done through any button then it gets what was the state of the tray before a refresh and after refresh it gets the same state and displays it irrespective of whatever is the initial state of the tray.

So if the tray was expanded before refresh then it gets the same state after refresh and vice versa.

     image 5.png

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