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Step by step process to restrict vendor payments under certain conditions in F110

Created by Venkat Reddy

Sample Scenario – If the date maintained in the vendor master is less than Payment Date then the payments made to that specific Vendor in the F110 run should not get paid.

Functional Configuration that needs to be done in transaction code – FIBF

Step-1 Product needs to be created.

Step-2 Under Process Module we have to assign the BTE-1830 and function module in which the logic is maintained to restrict the payments.

Technical Part

SAP Documentation of this function module –

Copy function module – SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001830 into Z.

Note: ‘Z’ Function module name should be the same as maintained in the config of process module in FIBF t-code.

Source Code


* Local vaiable to hold gbdat
data :
type lfa1gbdat.

loop at t_regup.
* Checking gbdat if it is less than payment date
select single gbdat
into lv_gbdat
from lfa1
where lifnr eq t_reguplifnr.
if sysubrc eq 0.
if lv_gbdat is not initial.
if lv_gbdat LT t_regupLAUFD.
XIGNO = ‘X’.
modify t_regup INDEX sytabix from t_regup transporting XIGNO.
clear: t_regup, lv_gbdat.


For example I have 2 invoices to be paid for the vendors – 100214 and 102165.

I have maintained date(GBDAT) in vendor Master for vendor-100214

F110 RUN

Proposal Display

As date in LFA1-GBDAT for vendor 100214 is 22.10.2013 which is less than payment date that is 23.10.2013 so the payment for 100214 is stopped.

Proposal Log

Payment Advice in SOST

Payment Advice got generated for only right vendor which got paid that is 102165 only.

FBL1N Vendor 100214 is not paid but vendor 102165 is paid.

This explains how to restrict payments to Vendor under certain conditions. Good Luck..!!!

Thanks..!!! VEnk@

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  • I’m confused – what is behind such business requirement and why it isn’t handled simply by the vendor payment terms? Why the vendor master was chosen to store a specific date (which would change regularly, I presume) and how it’s going to be maintained?

    • Yes Jelena i absolutely agree with you where this can be dealt with Payment terms,,but One of the issues we have is keeping up with contractor’s insurance certificates and their respective expiration dates.  It is a very manual process, prone to error and has some risk to the company if not done properly. So business has decided to use one of the field in the vendor master to put a check for payments made for contractors insurance certificates extension. Accounts Payable department has to maintain this date.

      But out of this blog my intension was to show how payments made through F110 can be restricted. 🙂 🙂