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Service Management – Define Printer

Now, to finish up the second half of the Print Control section of the service order.  I haven’t personally done a lot with this area, but depending on your needs, it could be a nice feature to implement.


Here’s the IMG location.


Let’s start with the user specific print control.


By default, SAP doesn’t include anything in this configuration (since it’s user specific, that would make sense 🙂 ).  So we hit new entries and populate our own.


Now, you’ll notice this looks a lot like the standard printout page.  The biggest thing that is different here is that you enter a user at the top, and define which shop paper you want to control.  Everything else is pretty standard (including the output device).

one of the big things to be aware of is that you either need all of your users loaded into your configuration system so it can be transported (same goes for printers) or you will need to open up configuration in your production system.  This is typically a no no, which is often why this functionality has not been implemented in my previous projects.

Next, lets look at the define Print Diversion.


The work center printer is only used for the shop papers (completion confirmation slip and wage slip). You choose the work center printer later in the application menu Change Work Center.  (see transaction CR02, Default tab).

Now, you can set the Print Diversion via Customizing.  What this means is that based on certain fields you can change the printer the documents are sent to automatically.  The activated print diversion always has the highest priority when determining a printer. It takes precedence over the user-specific selection and the work center printer.  Some shop papers only allow a diversion at header level, whereas for others the operation and material structures are also filled.

The dialog window for printing shows if a print diversion is active. The printer on which the papers were output is not specified. Only when you print do you see on which printer the shop paper was printed. It can also happen that for one paper, multiple pages are printed on different printers.

The following list gives you an overview of the papers and the possible print diversions:

Shop papers

Paper header operation components work center printer

2010   x

2020   x

2030   x

2040   x           x             x

2060   x           x                                  x

2062   x           x                                  x

2070   x           x                                  x

2072   x           x                                  x

(this information comes from SAP Help).

Now, we come to the last piece.  This only applies if you have the print diversion check mark checked in the previous section.


Again, you’ll notice that nothing is in here by default.  This is due to the fact that your values most likely don’t exist in the base system.  And since nothing is checked in the print diversion.  So, let’s pretend that the KOSTL field listed in the previous section was checked.  Now we need to come to this last section and add the information.

Let’s add a new entry.


So, from our previous example, you’d need to enter in the following information.

Shop Paper: 2060
Object: AFVGD
Field name: KOSTL
Plant: 1000 (or whatever)
Contents: this is where you enter in the specific cost center that should drive the change.  Note, you can add multiple entries for each cost center that will drive a printer change.

The remaining fields are the standard print settings.

I hope this gives you some new ideas of how to control the printing of your shop floor papers.

If you’re interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or production planning, check out my blog at:

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons =)

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