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Promotion Management in SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0


The below article provides information on how to use Promotion Management tool in SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0 to transport various objects(webi,universe,dashboards etc) from one BO environment to other.

Prerequisites –

  • Access to CMC (Central Management Console)
  • Administrative Rights to access Promotion Management Tool from CMC.
  • Server Details and Credentials of both the BO environment between whom transfer needs to be done.
  • If you are transferring directly between the BO Servers than both the server should be on same network or can talk to each other.


Login to CMC –


Select Promotion Management from the Manage column


Promotion Management window will get open , you will be able to see the jobs created for Objects Transport. Click on New Job


Provide the Job details like Job Name, Description, Source (CMS) and Destination(CMS/LCMBIAR)


Source will be the CMS from where you want to transport the Objects, select Login to New CMS and provide the credentials.


Destination can be either a CMS system where you directly want to transport the objects or LCMBIAR file which can be imported later.

In my case I have selected CMS(Destination- CMS)


A new window will get open which will provide you option to select all the objects you need to transport. Select the objects from the list and click Add & Close.

If you are selecting objects from different folders than select object one by one and click Add. After adding all the objects click Add & Close.


You will be able to see the objects selected by you in the list that will be transported.


Now, here an important point to be noted-always check Manage Dependencies before transporting the objects as this option will check the important dependent objects that needs to be transferred along with the objects selected by user. E.g. Reports along with connection and universe.


As you click Manage Dependencies a new window will get open and will display all the dependent objects. In my case I don’t have any so it’s not displayed below. If you get any dependent objects than select all of them and click Apply & Close.


Now, select all the objects that need to be transported and Click Promote.


Promotion window will get open .You will be able to see the summary, security settings and Test Promote.


In Security Settings you can transfer the security attached to the objects along with it. Select appropriate option as per your requirements.


Always use the Test Promote before actually transporting the objects as it will give you a rough idea and errors that may come.Click Save.


Below you can see the results of Test Promote. You can check the status and errors if any.


Now, you will be able to see your Job created for objects transport, wait for some time and check the status. It can be Failure, Partial Success and Success. If it’s successfully done you will be able to check your objects in the destination BO Server now.



The other case can be we are transporting the objects in LCMBIAR format and using it to import the objects in destination BO Server.

Select Output to LCMBIAR File in the destination while creating the job.


Object selection window will come as earlier, select the objects you want to transport along with Manage Dependencies checked and click Promote.


All the setting will be same as per the earlier case except here you will be able to save the LCMBIAR file either on your File System or using FTP. In my case I have selected File System.


Save File window will get open.


Once this is done, you can go the Promotion Management again and now select Import.

  A new window will get open browse the desired file from the File System or FTP


After that a new window will come which will ask you for the Destination server details where you want to import the LCMBIAR file. Provide the credentials of the destination and click create.

You will be able to see your job in the promotions job list Promote it and check the status for Success.




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  • Hi Javed,


    Nice document on promotion management...Screenshots are looking dull.


    Can you please the screenshots with good visibility...

  • Hi Javed,


    Nice document on promotion management..

    after connections are moved from Dev to quality my connection IP address is still showing Dev ones, how to get ip adrress automatically changed.


    Need Help!!!





  • hi Javed,


    Nice good document on Promotion management. i have a small question here.


    if i have a LCMbiar file for 5 reports and i need to move only 3 reports out of it , where can i do the selection for this. My window shows all disabled, do i have access issue here or this is normal one.

  • Here's the scenario. I want automaticly to take a weekly backup copy (lcmbiar-file) of all the reports that are in the platform. How would I achieve this to be done automaticly ?

    In the Promotion management you preselect the objects and thus any newly added files are not automaticly included or are they ?


    Thanks, Timo

    • answering my own question...

      In the LCM command line utility I can use exportQuery parameter:

      select * from ci_Infoobjects where si_kind= 'Webi'


      LCMBIAR file helps a lot to restore accidently deleted reports. No need to restore the entire server.

      • In a large BO environment, you might want to filter out the instances so to limit the query output and speed up the LCM turnaround time.

        select * from ci_Infoobjects where si_kind= 'Webi' AND SI_INSTANCE = 0




        • Thanks for good tip. My query is now:

          select top 10000 * from ci_Infoobjects where SI_INSTANCE = 0 and (si_kind= 'CrystalReport' or si_kind='Webi')

          but this returns over 6000 reports and the export never finishes. How could I split the job ?

          • I found out that with this I can export them folder by folder:



            0 AND SI_ANCESTOR = 46007

          • Yes, or you can use DESCENDENTS("si_name='Folder Hierarchy'","si_name='folder xyz' and si_kind='Folder'"); I found my CMS timeout after 9 minutes if use SI_ANCESTOR.




  • Hi Everyone,


    Due to some reason, I would like to stop the scheduled LCM job. I didnt find any option to stop job which is running daily in my system.


    It would be great if anyone can assist me in this case.



    Narendar M

  • Hi Everyone,


    I am new to SAP BO, i have some doubts, please see the below


    how to use Promotion Management tool in SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0 to transport various objects(webi,universe,dashboards etc) from one BO environment to other

    1) In the above, what does it mean one BO environment to other.


    2)  If i want to transfer objects(Webi, crystal, universe) from 3.0 to 3.1(same as in 4.0 to 4.1) which tool i have to use(import wizard, LCM, PMT).


    3) If i want to transfer objects(Webi, crystal, universe) from deployment to testing to production in 3.0(same as in 4.0) which tool i have to use(import wizard, LCM, PMT)

    • Hi Pavan,


      1. BO environment to other means from DEV to QA  or QA to PROD


      2. You want to transfer from 4.0 to 3.0, please explain point 2 and 3 ??




      • Thanks for your reply.


        i am confused when to use, please explain


        1) import wizard


        2) Life cycle management tool


        3) Promotion management tool


        4) Upgrade management tool

        • Hi,


          1. Import wizard was there in BO XI 3.0 and 3.1 for transfer between environments.


          2. LCM came in BO XI 3.1 as a replacement of Import Wizard to perform transfer between environments.


          3. LCM is called as Promotion Management from BO 4.0 onward.


          4. Upgrade Management tool is to upgrade from BO XI 3.x versions to BO 4.x versions




  • I am facing a weird situation using promotion management tool on my environment BI4.2 SP01. when importing an LCMBIAR file using IE as my browser it hangs... but when I try the same with chrome as browser it works.. Can any one faced this kind of issue? any clue?




  • How can I promote a removal/deleted files?

    I.e. I have 5 links in the same folder on Dev and Prd. I delete 2 of them in Dev and I have no authorization to delete them in Prd. How can I promote that only 3 links exists at then end in Prd?


    Regards Thomas

  • I have a similar situation where all the Promotion Jobs are in the "Created" Status and are stuck in the same status. Any ideas on what could be the issue?

  • Hi All,

    We are deploying an LCMBIAR in BI 4.2 from one platform to another (same version).

    After the promotion job when we open Universe Desgin Tool  --> "Tools" -->  "Manage security" -->  "Manage Access Restrictions " then we have no available groups and users promoted in the destination compared to the source even if we check Manage Dependencies before transporting objects

    Did anyone got the similar issue ?

    Best Rgds