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Author's profile photo Krishnendu Das

Open Catalog Interface in PM orders


The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is the interface between catalogs and Enterprise Buyer professional edition. SAP Open Catalog Interface uses standard Internet protocols.It can be used to call up an external catalog from a maintenance/service order, a maintenance task list and copy materials from the catalog to the order or task list.

You have the option of storing multiple catalogs for each of the following criteria:

•Order type and planning plant

•Task list category and plant

Advantage :

It can easily search component from the URL  using the search engine.

Master data in SAP can be reduced.

User can develop its own URL using own equipments, spares & language.


We have some External/Internal Catalog as a internet/intranet site and our requirement is  to call up an catalog URL and select  the spares/materials from the screens into SAP:

•Component overview

If multiple catalogs are possible for the criteria named above, during processing you must select one of the catalogs offered.

In the catalog you select the required spares/materials  and transfer them to the SAP R/3 system.


In PM order we have options for catalog interface  from which the spares URL can be browsed & required spares can be selected & send back to component tab. The advantage of the URL is:

easy search engine for spares parts

user friendly options to select the spares with drill down options/ spares with more tech specification & pictorial view.

After selecting the spares & quantity to component tab, normal PM procedures will be followed.



Step 1:Define Catalogs

Step 2: Maintain Call-structure

Step 3: Assign Catalogs to Order type/Plant

Step 4:Maintain Field Conversion from HTML to SAP


Step1: Create PM Order or Open the existing PM Order in change mode to attach materials and click on “catalog” tab to access the URL

Step 2 : Browsing the URL and Selecting the Material

Selected material : 6203-2RS Ball Bearing, 17x40x12, 6203 RS

Step 3: Material No and Description copied to SAP Screen

Component /Material Nos should be available in URL which needs to be written to SAP screen as above.

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      Author's profile photo Girish Adaviswamy
      Girish Adaviswamy

      Hi Das,

      Before submitting the document on this topic,I found already your document and hence i am highlighting some of the points here. If found valid,please update your docuement.

      Using this OCI functionality in SAP we can call external catalogs

      Ø  Through Plant Maintenance order(IW31,IW32)

      Ø  Through Plant Maintenance Task List(IA05,IA01)

      Ø  Through MM Purchase requisition (As of SAP ECC 6.0 (SAP_APPL 600) in ME51N,ME52N)

      Ø  Through MM Purchase orders(As of SAP ECC 6.0 (SAP_APPL 600) in ME21N,ME22N)

      Ø  Through Project networks(CN01) from Project System

      This functionality will be available only if Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) module is activated. It’s a pre requisite for activating the OCI functionality.

      The catalog interface consists of two separate and distinct sections: the outbound section and the inbound section

             The outbound section defines the information being sent from the SAP to the catalog application. This includes information such as the catalog URL and login data

      Ø  The inbound section consists of the information being sent from the catalog application to the SAP. This section contains data on the items selected in the catalog, such as the items descriptions, quantities ordered, and prices.


           Catalog Id is defined with the call structure containing outbound data i.e. URL to external catalog, username and password etc.



           The inbound information or the data which is required to be copied from an external catalog to SAP is defined under configuration Convert HTML Fields to SAP fields. Adding this screenshot to show the fields which can be copied from external catalog


          If any values from the catalog should be overwritten by SAP value,then it is defined under configuration" Convert HTML Field values"


          If any data needs to be converted and mapped to SAP field, this can be defined under configuration "Define COnversion Modules". We have used 1 std functional module to conver catalog material long text to component text and service text.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I am trying to do something similar with custom bsp app acting as an external catalog, but I am not able to make the above example work in our system. The catalog button is enabled in t-codes IW31/32 and I am able to navigate the Ebay site and create a shopping cart. After that, I believe we need to just press standard sap back/exit buttons to transfer the cart data to PM order, but nothing happens. Am I missing something? Is it possible to have some kind of debugging ability when the transfer from external cart to sap happens to see the fields provided?

      Author's profile photo Jan van Asseldonk
      Jan van Asseldonk


      I have the same problem Lasha has. I can access the web catalog from the vendor, select materials and put them in the shopping cart. But when I click the transfer button a Component selection screen shows up with "OCI Params Overview".
      A lot of Variable Names with the belonging Values is shown in this screen. Not all the Values are filled. Could that be the problem??
      In this screen only buttons are available for refresh or return to startscreen.
      I expect the data would be transferred to SAP when using the back button.
      But nothing happens.
      Tried to activate debugging just before entering the transfer button but debugging is not activated until I use one of the buttons in the Componentselection screen.

      Where is the missing link??
      Please help.

      Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Lasse Finderup
      Lasse Finderup

      Can you elaborate what happens between step 2 and 3 in "Procedures"?

      How is data transferred from a catalog and into SAP?


      Author's profile photo meghana pathak
      meghana pathak

      Hello When I select a non stock material from eCommerce site for SAP PM order in components tab. Can storage location automatically populated. I know in purchasing data,in general tab we can manually enter storage location. But just want to understand can it be automatically populated with some field mapping.thanks

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Bentaghlia
      Mohammed Bentaghlia

      Hello, we have a multiple catalog. it is possible if I press open Catalog Button to  have a list of external catalogs that are available.

      Thanks in advance


      Author's profile photo Trudy Southall
      Trudy Southall

      Yes, you have to make sure you have each catalog maintained and at least one set at default.

      Author's profile photo Michelle Fish
      Michelle Fish

      My setup is working fine - however I'm needing to move these changes up the landscape.

      Our Production has a different catalog URL than Dev/Test - how should this be handled?