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How to monitor Client Setting Changes in Technical Monitoring

Hi All,

I will try to describe how to create a metric and an alert to monitor changes in the Client Settings.

This is a very tipical request from the auditors. The “easy” way is to activate the rec/client parameter but from the Basis point of view it can have impact in performance because it will activate the log for the customizing tables or the tables with the Change Log activated. In addition you have to maintain the Logs generated.

This method is less agressive and allows you to be alerted automatically when a change occurs.

First we need to create a “Configuration Validation/Target System Maintenance”. You can do it in the Solution Manager WorkCenter under “Root Cause Analysis/Configuration Validation”:


Here we filter by System ID (in my case P07) and Store Name (“CLIENTS”), click on “Display Selection”, select the Config Store checkbox and click on “Create from selected Stores”:


Set an ID for the Target System and Save:


In the Edit tab we filter by the Customer Target Systems and click on the Config Store “CLIENTS”. We can see the current values of the client Settings:


Here you can edit the conditions of the Technical System values.

Once the Target System is ready, we can create the metric and alert in the technical monitoring.

First we create the Alert under Technical System. Don’t forget to activate the Expert Mode before:


Give a technical name:


After that we create the Metric:


In the Data Colletion tab:


in the Threshold tab:


Give a technical name in the Others tab:


And assign the Metric to the Alert previously created:


After that we just need to activate the configuration:


and the monitoring is ready:


Hopefully this is useful for you guys.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you Jose for sharing your knowledge, a very useful writeup.

      best regds,


      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks a lot for the kind support, all worked finally 🙂

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Jansi I have done same configuration and I am getting the alerts however there is no proper description in the Alert inbox of Show Details like which Client Change (object) setting is changed to take further action. Can you please let me know how you are getting Alert details? Please find attached screenshot to see the alert Inbox details, which I am getting for my current configuration. Best Regards, Srinivas Reddy >

      Author's profile photo Matthias Isenburg
      Matthias Isenburg

      In the Alert Details there is the "Text Value":

      Referenz:xxx;VIRTUAL; # Items (NonCompliant/Compliant/NotFound/NotValuated/All): 1/ 1/ 0/ 0/ 2 ...

      To execute to the configuration validation, follow the Link and you can see which client is not compliant. Compare then both values (current client setting/ ConfigValidation setting) with a notepad and see the differences.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jose,

      thank you very much for the description.

      There is one point that should be added.

      The content of the config stores (e.g. CLIENTS) is collected once a day in default.
      It's a snapshot that is taken when the extraction is running (normally between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.).

      There is an option to trigger the extraction on a hourly basis.
      This is done in Store details, tab strip 'Template definition' in CCDB:
      ('Solution Manager Administration'


                          button 'Administration'

                                      Configuration Change Database)

      best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey Manfred,

      Where exactly are this in Administration -> Configuration Change Database? I only got tab Status, Exception and Configuration and also in these tabs I cannot find a tab "Template Definition".

      Thanks and BR

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Pascal,

      this setting is related to a config store.

      In Configuration and Change Database

      tab status  -> sub tab 'Technical Systems'

      Select a technical system . This will create a tray below.
      In this new tray select the config store  CLIENTS

      Then press the button 'Store Details'

      This will create addditional tabs below. One of these tabs is 'Template definition'.

      In the area 'Upload Frequency' there is a an icon with the '?'   (Help).
      The help text provides information about the uload frequency.

      Best regards



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello  Former Member,


      We have singular requirement of my client . I have per form all the steps and getting alert daily basis only.

      Did you get the client change  alert hourly ?


      Hi All,

      Can some one help me get Client changes alert hourly basis after above configuration?



      Saurav Kumar

      Author's profile photo Arumugakrishnan Ayyappan
      Arumugakrishnan Ayyappan



      Could you please let me know the values of technical system in target system maintenance for the customized SID and client store values.Please find the attached screenshot.


      I would like to know the values for production system.

      Author's profile photo Manikandan Balakrishnan
      Manikandan Balakrishnan



      Please let us know what is the exact condition needs to maintained for target system.


      Requirement is , whenever "no changes allowed & no changes to repository/cross-client customising objects in client 100" gets changed(ie. Client open), alert has to be created. Please share your inputs

      Author's profile photo Jaypee Alibuyog Alcala
      Jaypee Alibuyog Alcala

      Hi Jose,


      Thanks for sharing this blog. It really helps a lot in my SCC4 configuration. I just want to ask, I am planning to apply this to at least 10 Production systems. Does it mean I need to create individual System ID (eg. ZCLIENT, ZCLIENT2, ZCLIENT3....) for each system? which means I need to create individual Alert/Metric and assign this under REF_SID?

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Matthias Isenburg
      Matthias Isenburg

      Hi Jaypee,

      Yes, create individual System ID.

      But maybe like ZCLNT<SID1>, ZCLNT<SID2>, ZCLNT<SID3>, ...

      Then you can work with the variable, REF_SID = ZCLNT$T_SYSTEM_LONG_SID$

      Author's profile photo R. Vriens
      R. Vriens


      Hi all, even on 7.2 it seems to work, only problem is that once the STORE picks up any change in the client settings, a notification is sent and so far everything is OK, but after that the Metric never turns green again. It keeps telling me that there was a change on SCC4 settings. I even deleted the content of the store from Solution Manager Administration, configuration change database - Technical Systems - Store name CLIENTS, and then Delete Selected Store.

      After this activated the whole bunch again, the history of the Store is gone, so not one clients has changes (all numbers are set back to 0) but the Metric is still red, red and red.

      Author's profile photo Edwin Santos
      Edwin Santos

      I think in SM7.2 we now need to use a different config store - use CLIENTS_CHANGE_LOG instead of CLIENTS. I am doing testing right now and that seems to work as what we expect the monitoring to behave.

      Author's profile photo Naresh Khande
      Naresh Khande

      Hi Edwin,

      Have you tested with CLIENTS_CHANGE_LOG store in 7.2 ? Is it works ?


      Author's profile photo Raja Tiyyagura
      Raja Tiyyagura

      Hey Edwin,

      Did you test it?, is it working?. Please share us any config modifications you have done other than the Store name?

      Author's profile photo Arumugakrishnan Ayyappan
      Arumugakrishnan Ayyappan

      Hi All,

      I would like to the values of conditions of the Technical System values. In target system maintenance for production system.


      Author's profile photo Ana Jimenez
      Ana Jimenez


      I am currently working with this alert configuration on Solman 7.2. By now, the metric is rated each hour. If I make a change in client settings on managed system the metric takes at least one hour to change status in system monitoring, then, the alert is triggered.

      Does anybody know if it is possible that the metric change status every time the client settings are changed? I've changed collection interval to 5 minutes and it does not work.