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Create chart with completely manual values without SDK component

Hi community,

as you know you can do a lot of calculations in the scripting areas of design_studio. These calculated values can be presented in Text Field components very easily using the “setText” command.

But how to bring the manual calculated values into a chart? I guess it will be possible to create a SDK-Component for that, but not all are able to do the needed coding.

So let’s assume the following scenario…

You calculate 3 values within your script and want to bring these in a chart like this:


In my example I’m able to define all elements (names of series, name of measure and the 3 values) of the chart / table on my own via scripting.

What are the steps behind?

1. Create a BEx Query

In the query you define 2 structures manually. In the structure in the rows area you create as many objects as you need for your chart as an empty selection object. The description field contains nothing more than a text variable (manual input). I named them label_1, label_2, label_3.


The structure in the columns is filled with a dummy formula and the description is defined again as a text variable (manual input) which I named label_A.

With that you are able to define all visible texts with variables so we can concentrate on “filling in” the values.

As you have a query with 2 structures you are able to use the “cell” mode of the query.


As you can see I added in each cell a formula which contains again nothing more than a formula variable with manual input called value_1, value_2, value_3.

2. Test your Query

You should see all the 4 label-variables and the 3 value-variables.


3. Create your Application

I think you already know what is coming… 🙂

  • Create a DataSource against the query you have created
  • Use the Application.SetVariable command to define the labels and values you want to show in your chart
  • Add a Chart and assign the DataSource to it

Use the Application.SetVariable command to fill in your labels and values.

*** Attention ***

There seem to be an error in the actual DesignStudio 1.2 SP 0 version. The variables appear in the variable screen but are not available in the script. I informed Development Team already, hopefully it will work in 1.2 SP1. Haven’t had the chance to test in other (older) versions so might work there. So keep this as a theoretical approach right now 🙂


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      Author's profile photo Mike Howles
      Mike Howles

      We use a 2nd BEx query selection structure for a similar need to iterate over a collection of dummy values in Webi for some special situations.  Interesting to see a similar application for DS.  Thanks for your post!

      I should hope that SAP provides us a better means of binding data that's been massaged or locally calculated at the DS layer in 1.3 (hint hint, SAP!)  I'm assuming since they intend DS to replace Xcelsius, this will be required.

      Until then, I'm choosing custom HTML and Addons to get around it.