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Sometime, For example,Batch input ProductS ID when you query data,

input SO many ProductS ID are random,One by one … so… Crazy!

Now i made a EXCEL  template  for Batch input data.

Manufacturing template method:

step 1  cell A2 input  “d2&”,and Pull down to rows 1501
step 2  copy cells “A2:A1501”  TO TXT file, then copy the data in  TXT to WORD

step 3  replace “^p”  to nothing  in WORD,and del last “&”,COPY THE DATA TO CELL D1503

step 4  cell C2 input formula:  =IF(B2=””,””,REPT(“0”,$B$1-LEN(B2))&B2)  ,and pull down 1501

step 5  cell D2 input formula:  =IF(C2=””,””,IF(C3=””,C2&””,C2&”;”))  ,and pull down 1501

copy cell D1503 to BI report the Query Panel,and  Attention:delete  The trailing space OF last ID

Hope that helps,


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