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21 More Reasons to Love SAP Business Trends

As we power down our laptops and mobile devices (who am I kidding, we’re always on, aren’t we?) and head into the remainder of the holiday season, I thought it would be a merry time to celebrate the amazing growth and success SAP Business Trends enjoyed in 2013. A few noteworthy highlights to consider:


MORE executive insight

Numerous SAP executives shared their unique perspectives on the latest business trends including: Tim Minahan, Sven Denecken, Rachel Spasser, Jim Fields, Si-Mohamed Said, Peter Graf, Carmen O’Shea, Anka Wittenberg, Pradeep Amladi, Jenny Dearborn, Shawn Price, Anthony Reynolds, Jonathan Becher and last, but certainly not least, SAP CEO Bill McDermott.

MORE event coverage

In-depth blog and video coverage of TechEd, SAPPHIRE and other events generated incredible traffic and social shares.

MORE food for Forbes

Nearly all content published on our Forbes SAPVoice platform, appears on SAP Business Trends first. This best practice helps drive thousands of unique visitors back to SAP who are eager to learn more about our products and solutions.

MORE content leadership

SAP continues to be an innovator of native advertising and employee journalism, thanks in large part to the original content that comes from SAP Business Trends.

Here are 21 more reasons to love SAP Business Trends, the top posts of 2013. Which ones are your favorites?

1. Data Glasses: SAP Goes Wearable Senior Editor Uta Spinger found out SAP and Vuzix teamed up to create augmented reality glasses, showing that they are not just for consumers but for manufacturers, logistics companies, and service technicians as well.

2. 2013 – Navigating the Digital Universe with 3D Graphics

Robert Merlo, vice president of marketing, SAP Visualization, says today’s growing volume of data has become nearly impossible to manage without the right tools. A better way to control this avalanche of data is to combine it with 3D graphics.

3. SAP Secures Head Start with Enterprise Mobility Management

Anthony Reynolds said enterprises in all industries recognize that mobile technology is a key enabler for achieving business success, yet security remains a big challenge. How is it possible to secure not only company-owned and employee-owned devices, but also corporate apps and content within an organization?

4. Uncovering the Business Process Behemoth

Bhavin Shukla says business has many meanings and paradigms, but the most important is the business processes.

5. Big Data Can Save Lives — If Culture and Strategy Let It

Derek Klobucher believes Big Data can be a life-saver, figuratively and literally. We’ve all heard about how Big Data can save time and money, but 87 percent of federal IT officials think that real-time Big Data could save a significant number of lives each year.

6. PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Winner Emerges Via Social Analysis

Lee Clemmer knows gamers everywhere are getting ready to spend the winter huddling around their next-generation consoles, but which one are you most likely to find under the Christmas tree?

7. Why We Need to Stop Talking About Winning Customers

Whether you sell to consumers or to business users, Jeff Lautenbach knows the individuals you are trying to reach today are informed, connected and armed with influence.

8. SAP’s Bold Plan to Empower the Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem (Part 1)

Sanjay Poonen dreamed big at SAP – and he believed there was a tangible opportunity for SAP to be the Apple or Samsung of Enterprise Mobility.

9. From Kirana Stores to hybris: SAP’s Evolving Business Network Strategy

Richard Hirsch uncovers a variety of details about how SAP intends to exploit the commerce functionality of the hybris platform.

10. SAP’s Bold Plan to Empower the Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem, Part 2

The first blog in this series was about enabling innovation SAP’s mobile platforms. In part 2, Akash Agarwal explains how SAP takes this innovation to market with its Ecosystem.

11. SAP and SAS Announce HANA-Powered In-Memory Partnership at #SAPTechEd 2013

Derek Klobucher explains how decision makers will be able to use real-time data analysis within their existing SAS and SAP HANA environments.

12. How SAP and hybris Will Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Thanks to its hybris acquisition, whose users include General Electric, Thomson Reuters and 3M, SAP can now address customer engagement across marketing, sales, service and commerce.

13. Top 10 HR Technology Trends for 2014

Susan Galer compiles the top ten HR technology trends that this esteemed HR groups forecast to impact companies and their workers in 2014.

14. SAP Mobile Platform 3.0: A Promise for a More Mobile Future

The reason Anthony Reynolds is so excited about the launch of SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0. is that it unites a number of legacy mobile platforms, it’s a fine example of SAP’s stance on open standards and collaboration, and it offers an awesome range of development opportunities for enterprises of all sizes in all industries to build a better future.

15. The 3 New Rules of Customer Engagement [Infographic]

Gurdeep Dhillon created a killer infographic that explains how and why the rules of customer engagement have changed for Marketing, Sales, and Service.

16. Sustainability and Human Capital

All the recent discussions about sustainability have made Chiara Bersano wonder how it applies to her field, HRIS – or better, to the wider area of Human Resources.

17. Big Data: The Next Big Trend in Fashion

Listen up, fashionistas. The hottest trend coming to your world won’t be found on the runway. It’s called “big data,” and David Trites said it’s going to change how the fashion industry operates in a big way.

18. SAP and Porsche: Driving Intelligence Performance Across the Finish Line

David Trites knows that without fast and efficient business processes Porsche can’t deliver fast cars. So to ensure its lean manufacturing and supply logistics run smoothly, Porsche uses the SAP ERP and SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) applications.

19. The Massive M2M Business Opportunity (Part 1)

Sanjay Poonen revealed the secret to tackling big data, mobility and the cloud , but how do you actually gain competitive advantage with big data and mobility?

20. Customer Success Stories Drove Record Attendance at SAPPHIRE NOW

Having attracted more than 20,000 attendees in Orlando and close to 90,000 online participants, many people rightly see SAPPHIRE NOW as a success story. But customer success stories are the backbone of the SAP annual conference’s triumph, according to Derek Klobucher.

21. Why care about Big Data? I’m still struggling with all my normal data…

Big Data is buzz worthy right now, so Shawn BURNS sampled some fellow marketing colleagues across agencies, customers, partners, etc. asking them how they were approaching it. The answer in a nutshell was: “Big data? I have so many normal data challenges right now, there is no time to worry about big data.

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21 Reasons to Love SAP Business Trends

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