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US Legal Changes – forms and Smartforms updates.

Hello everyone,

The purpose of this document is to provide a list of KBAs/Notes that were released/updated on December 2014.

The following notes below:

  • 1949019 – US LC 2013: Smartforms for Withholding tax reporting
  • 1949020 – US LC 2013: Smartforms for Withholding tax reporting
  • 1949021 – US LC 2013: forms for withholding tax reporting
  • 1949022 – US LC 2013: forms for withholding tax reporting

are released for US Legal Change for the year 2013.

These notes include the latest version os forms and Smartforms used to have Withholding Tax Reporting output generated correctly and up-to-date.

Please note, in order to view the contents of the guides and SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

I hope it helps and you like it.

Danton Prestes

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  • Thanks Danton,

    In case anyone has problems printing this year - After applying 1949019 we noticed the form printed off from normal.  The form came over as Page Format "DINA5" and Style "SYSTEM" in the smartforms Output Options tab. 

    We updated the smartform to LETTER and FMFUNDSRES_STYLE and the form printed fine.  It's another bad scan of the 1099MISC form again this year.  Hopefully we can get switched over the the pdf version for next year.



    • It seems that every year we have to adjust the form so that the data fits in the boxes.  We spend more time on this than anything else.  I checked the output options tab but it shows LETTER and FMFUNDRES_STYLE.  Any other suggestions on how to adjust the form without trying several iterations to get it just right?

      Since we have unique requirements for the recipient's name field, I usually copy the form from the previous year and add the new year's image.

  • Thanks for sharing these information Danton.

    Do you have updates for this year?

    Still the same dates for release the notes (final of November, beginning of December?)

    Kind Regards,