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Countries by Number of Population

Hello Everyone,

My post for the Data Geek Challenge is regarding the population of the 20 most populated countries in the world.

Below you can see how the data is imported to the SAP Lumira.


After inserting the data I have taken from a website I could see many different graphs options created by SAP Lumira.

The charts below were easily created by the application with the inserted data. To change from one model to the other only one click is needed.

Column Chart


Tree Map


Cloud Chart




In this case, involving country names, you can also use the option Geographic Bubble Chart for example, where it uses the geographic localization in order to

create the chart.

SAP Lumira is really great on creating graphs to represent the data inserted and also to aggregate the data in many different ways.

Hope you like it.



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  • I enjoyed trying to figure out the names of the different countries in a different language.

    I used the data that's shown on Wikipedia, and it's slightly different from the data shown in your visualization (with only a few changes in ranking).

    Where did you gather your data from?

    Was there an opportunity to use any of the geo-type visualizations?