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Author's profile photo Christina Obry

Re-publishing of datasets from SAP Lumira to SAP Lumira Cloud

With the latest SAP Lumira 1.14 release and update to SAP Lumira Cloud, you can re-publish your datasets to Lumira Cloud and hence update your data as well as all stories and visualizations that are associated with this dataset.

I have previously published a dataset containing SAP TechED information from SAP Lumira to SAP Lumira Cloud and have created the visualization below on SAP Lumira Cloud.


I have now realized that there are 3 different types of staff listed, I want to group these together in SAP Lumira and re-publish the dataset.

In the Prepare room of SAP Lumira I grouped Other Support Staff, Direct Support Staff and Vendor Staff to Staff, as shown on the screenshot below.


In order to re-publish the dataset I navigate to the Share room of SAP Lumira, select the updated dataset and chose SAP Lumira Cloud as destination.

share room.png

Lumira will recognize that the dataset has been previously published and will indicate that the existing dataset will be overwritten. I press the Verify button.


A verification process was put into place with a warning in case the dataset schema has been changed and may break other stories or visualization that are already on the SAP Lumira Cloud.

publish warning.png

As I know what changes were made to the dataset and that they will not break my existing visualization, I proceed in overwriting the dataset. Alternatively I could create a new local copy of the dataset and then publish the new copy of the dataset; however then I would have to re-create my visualizations. Once publishing was successful a confirmation message will be displayed.


I can now go back to SAP Lumira Cloud and refresh my visualization in order to see the updated data. Below screenshot of my visualization now shows Staff as a Conference Role.


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      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      I've just been playing with this, specifically with publishing storyboards, and I've found what seems to be an annoying behaviour. Here's what I did.

      In Lumira Desktop:

      • Create a dataset
      • Add a filter to the dataset
      • Build visualisations on the dataset, which obviously respect the filter
      • Compose visualisations into a storyboard
      • Publish the storyboard to Lumira cloud

      In Lumira cloud:

      • View the published storyboard
      • Notice the dataset filters have disappeared and the visualisations are based on unfiltered data

      This is a little annoying. I'd like to share the storyboards from Lumira Cloud and then re-publish them periodically without having to add back the filtering.

      Am I missing something?


      Author's profile photo Christina Obry
      Christina Obry
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Steve,

      thanks for the feedback! The source datasets that are published to Lumira Cloud are published unfiltered in order to allow you to explore the full dataset on Lumira Cloud.

      The filters that are applied to each visualization in a story are maintained while publishing. So are the controls set on the storyboard itself. I would recommend to set the filters on the visualization itself.

      We do realize that there is room for improvement with regards to global filters and will further investigate into this topic.

      Please let me know if you have further questions.


      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby


      I guess that makes sense, but it does mean some duplication if I have several visualisations built on the same dataset, and all needing the same filters. And duplication means both more work and the possibility of some of the filters being different by accident. From my point of view, duplication is almost always bad.

      If you published the filters just as I have created them, then I have the option of not filtering the dataset if I want it fully explorable in the cloud, but I also have the option of filtering if I want to. Best of both worlds. As it is now I have no choice but to duplicate the filters.


      Author's profile photo Christina Obry
      Christina Obry
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Steve,

      you're right the duplication of filters per visualization can be error prone and as I said we do realize that there is room for improvement with regards to global filters. I'll make sure to forward your feedback to the corresponding team as we will further investigate into this topic.

      BTW using controls you can filter the entire board at once.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello, I created a sheduler in order to update the dataset every day al 12:00 pm, I checked the publish data set to sap lumira cloud option but I always see a red icon that says Access to Cloud has been denied. The manual update works fine. I tried with lumira desktop 1.7 and 1.8. I saved my cloud credentials in SAP Lumira Cloud. Do you have any idea what's wrong?


      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      hi, you should create a separate discussion thread, and/or contact the support team for download/trail customers: