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Getting Familiar with Lumira SP14 – Latest Release

For the first time, I was prompted to install the update to Lumira – this hasn’t happened before, as usually I’ve been downloading the latest version from the site.  This is a welcome change.  Usually SMP users are first to update, not those who purchased it elsewhere.


Next, you can print the visualizations, as mentioned in  Christina Obry’s blog Publishing of SAP Lumira stories to SAP Lumira Cloud


Very nice!

I created a storyboard, and learned last week at the Lumira Hangout – What’s Coming in SP14 I could publish the story board to the cloud and Christina shows this in her blog as well.


I struggled a little, but then once I selected the visualization/story board I saw the Publish to Lumira Cloud.


Because the dataset is there, I am prompted to Overwrite.

My storyboard is now on the Lumira Cloud.


This is how my storyboard appears on the Cloud:


Exploring Datasets to the Cloud

I published this dataset to the cloud, and even though Christina’s blogs mention this, I was amazed to see the automatic “visual discoveries” as proposed by Lumira Cloud:


I clicked the “Explore” option on Lumira Cloud, and now it gives a “BusinessObjects Explorer”-like view:


More to come!

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Lumira Hangout – What’s Coming in SP14

BI 2014 in March in Orlando will cover these topics.  See this link for a discount.

If you have a story to share about self-service, we are interested in hearing from you at ASUG Annual Conference.  Please see You’re Invited to Submit A Proposal for ASUG Annual Conference 2014 – Share Your Knowledge

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  • And the good news is that in SP14, PA is resynched with Lumira:

    so you get all the goodies from Lumira (custom HTML5 visualizations, storyboards, share visualizations to Cloud etc. also nin PA). The only drawback is that you still can't share predictive charts (e.g. clustering charts, decistion trees etc.) to Lumira Cloud - I hope that will come in the future.

      • Hello Antoine - I just tried downloading a 32 bit version from and it is still on SP13 - please let us know when this is updated.

        Thank you

    • Sneha,

      It takes up to 48 hours for all the servers to propagate the new release. (Which translates into about 4 days to include all the links globally.)
      If you're downloading from it should work globally by the end of the day tomorrow.

      Try again today, and let me know if it's still an issue!


  • Hi Tammy,

    do you know if he two new features of Lumira Cloud related to Content discovery (Visual discoveries, Did you know) also are going to be included in the desktop version?

    Will there always be different fuctionality in these versions or are they going to be merged?

    Best regards,


    • Not in this release - SP14 - and someone from SAP will need to respond to your latter question. You may want to open a separate discussion the Lumira space to ask this question.