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We can check changes in sales orders, deliveries, invoices … just running the transaction to maintain/display those documents and navigate till we find “changes” option somewhere. There’s a faster way to display changes by running directly the transaction that displays those changes. To have them at hand, we can add them to our favorites menu.


Let’s see those transactions and some screenshots you’re familiar with.


Transaction code S_P6B_12000144 (reports RVSCD100) and Transaction code S_P6B_12000143 (report RVSCD200).

Example of S_P6B_12000144


S_P6B_12000143 is similar to S_P6B_12000144 but we have more data in selection screen.



Transaction code VL22 (report WSCDSHOW) and transaction code VL22N (report WSCDSHOW_ALV).

Both transactions show the same info in different format.

Example with VL22N:


Results depending on the details required (overview or details):



Transaction code S_P6B_12000145 (report RVSCD300).


Additionally, there are 2 reports not assigned to any transaction (run thru SE38) we can use to check changes:

RVSCDAKK to check financial documents as payment guarantee

RVSCDBEX to check license data



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  1. Douglas Marcel de Moraes

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Joan. This can help mostly in the cases where the Documents Flow is too large and the system takes some seconds to display the document itself, so the user spends more time than the normal to reach the function “Environment > Changes”. Certainly we can access the log much faster with those transactions.


      1. Phanikumar Valiveti

        Dear Joan

        Just I found there is a transaction code for Sales ledger :S_P6D_40000037 From your T code only.Now i will talk with my Abaper to get done for India too…

        Thanks yar again.


  2. Former Member

    You may also want to consider program RSSCD100 that will show the change details for multiple documents as an ALV list. The object class would be VERKBELEG for sales documents.


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