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Scrolling Customizations in Web Application Designer (BEx)


This document will provide information on how to enable scroll bars for an analysis item in WAD and steps to customize scrolling


Step 1: Create a Web Application

Step 2: In the ANALYSIS ITEM that is assigned a query, navigate to ‘Internal Display’ properties, set Modification as ‘Module List’ or ‘Single Module’.

Note: If you’re going to implement multiple modification modules besides Scrolling, then use Module List as Modification


Step 3: Create a new Single modification module as below and define Generic Module ( for Scrolling as shown below


Step 4: Customizations


          1. Define a required number of columns/rows for scrolling

For defining a required number of columns to be available for scrolling, we need to define additional parameter for this.  The parameter used is COLUMN and defined as shown below.  The parameter is BOOLEAN and placeholder is INTEGER of value 4. This will freeze first four columns in your analysis item. The same is applicable for freezing rows by defining ROW instead of COLUMN              


          2. Define adjustable window of Scroll enabled Analysis item

Once we have enabled scrolling the window size you have defined for Analysis item may not work and hence you need to define parameters for adjusting width of the window. The parameter used is WIDTH and define as below. I have used the below width to set the pane according to my window size. This parameter is of type string and value as document.body.clientWidth – 100. In order to set the analysis item width to be half of window size define string value as document.body.clientWidth / 2



  • Scrolling will work if all the rows and columns of the analysis item are displayed. To set these parameters, assign zero to the following parameters
    1. Number of Data columns displayed at once
    2. Number of Data rows displayed at once


  • If any ROW or COLUMN is not defined, by default, the header row and leading columns are selected for scrolling.
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