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ESS and MSS configuration in SAP Portal 7.3

I have given new SAP Portal system on NW 7.3 and back end SAP ECC 6.0 ehp 5 for configuration of ESS and MSS as part of HR Renewal 1.0 Feature pack 04 as POC project.In SCN I did not find any step by step procedure document hence this blog could be helpful for new bees

Initially I have started configuration of SSO between NW portal 7.3 and ECC 6 Ehp 5. Later I found ESS and MSS business packages are already installed by basis guy in portal system. But it was not working as expected then I started exploring various options to achieve this.

To maintain JCO parameters I did not find webdynpro path in 7.3 portals as it was there in portal 7. Then I came to know that WDA BP is best suitable for my scenario because performance wise ABAP webdynpro are much better than Java webdynpro.

Following steps were implemented to configure ESS and MSS on SAP Portal 7.3

A) Configure SSO between Portal and ECC

B) Configure SLD on portal

C) Deploy ESS, MSS and Common parts business package on SAP Portal

D) Add ESS and MSS Alias on system object

E) Activate webdynpro Services in SICF

F) Create RFC destination IGS in SM59

G) Activation of Business Function in ECC server

A) Configure SSO between Portal and ECC

Single sign-on (SSO) is a method of access control that enables a portal user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple back end systems without being prompted to log in again (enter Id and password). Lot of discussion threads will be available in so here I am not discussing about configuration procedure and process

B) Configure SLD on portal

The SLD in SAP Portal is the central source of system landscape information relevant for the management of your software life-cycle.

SLD configuration documents are available in in

C) Deploy ESS, MSS and Common parts business package on SAP Portal

You have to download ESS, MSS and Common parts Business packages from service market place.




1)      Common parts download path


2)     ESS Business Package download path

ESS downlaod path.GIF

3)     ESS Business Package for ABAP

ESS ABAP BP download path.GIF

4)     MSS Business Package for ABAP download path. Here you need to select Add on

MSS Business package download path.GIF

5)     Required MSS Business Package

mss abap webdynpro.GIF

D) Add ESS and MSS Alias on system object in SAP portal.

System alias.GIF

system alias1.GIF

E) Activate webdynpro Services in SICF


F) Create RFC destination IGS in SM59

     IGS_RFC_DEST is required for MSS business package. If you use ABAP webdynpro then you have to maintain the RFC destinations in the ECC system to connect the IGS to SAP System. For programe ID you have to maintain IGS.<SID>

RFC destination for MSS.GIF

G) Activation of Business Function in ECC server



Ess business function.GIF

mss business function.GIF

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  • This is excellent information step by step I found. Thank you very much.

    We are planning for HCM_MSS_WDA_2 business function to be activated at the back end. so my question is does BP_MSSADDON 1.0 is compatible version in the portal or do I need to do any changes in my landscape in terms of versions either in portal/ECC back end?

  • Thanx Rajesh

    This is really helpful & very useful to start up with ESS/MSS. I appreciate if you can put some light on EP 7.3 with Mobility using ESS/MSS.

    Cheers 😉

    • you Can Run ESS/MSS on mobile, You first need to know what your company Mobile Strategy is, What kind Mobile development capability you have, are you relying SAP Mobile APPS or others ...

      • Yes, we want to use SAP mobile Apps. Can you let me know how we channelize through Netweaver Gateway to Mobile using RFC or BAPI's. Kindly let me know from where we need to start & finish.

        • You need SAP Friori, SAP UIU and Mobile apps Architected first , Then Development Webdynpro ABAP Component for those, Relay them through NWGW via REST Calls. There are many other players involved in these like Sybase wire, SSO and Integration with Portals, CRM... the scope is very large in this area, you need first take a dig at your requirements.

  • Hi Rajesh,

    Great blog. I would like to know your experience on the migration of MSS iViews which are listed under Portal Content --> Migrated Content --> MSS folder.

    The iViews listed under here in HTMLB based & have references to objects. How does one migrated these kind of iViews. Did you find any issues for these kind

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Rajesh,

    I want to know one quick thing. Does BP for Employee Self Service 1.51 (WDA) supports Arabic Language ? I want to know for MSS as well does it support or not. If so, could you please let me know where we can find this piece of information.

    When i check the Laguages supported: I dont find Arabic Language.



    • Hi Sankar

      You need to deploy the latest country specific Add-on available for Arabic, if you are unable to view in std.

      Points to Consider:

      Check in R/3 whether the required language packs has been Installed by your Basis?For portal you need to change the Internet settings-->languages--> choose Arabic to login.If you choose this settings all the screens will start to appear in that language.

      After changing the Internet settings, system will not 100% translate the names. Because it will not impact the Custom Headings/texts which you have maintained in R/3.For that you need to translate the Launchpad Config too in R/3 In-order to translate them into Arabic.

      Hope this Info ℹ will be useful

      Cheers 😉