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Drilldown Properties of the Query


Understand what options there are for designing the drilldown of characteristics in rows and/or columns.


Setting the Drilldown Properties of Rows and Columns

Below examples shows how we can configure the drilldown properties of the characteristics in the rows and columns drilldown area. All the examples refer to the drilldown for the rows. The drilldown for the columns functions in the same way.


In the above figure, Product Group and Product are drilldown characteristics. Posted values. means that only those product group-product combinations are displayed for which transaction data already exists.


“Master data” for the drilldown characteristics means that all the characteristic attributes in the data range are displayed in the rows or columns, regardless of whether or not any transaction data exists for the master data. If you include multiple characteristics in the drilldown, the query generates the mathematical combinations that are possible for this data range.


If “Characteristic relationships” is selected for the drilldown characteristics, the query (both the input-ready query and the reporting query) displays all the business-relevant combinations that result from the characteristic relationships maintained in the Planning Modeler.

Note: It is possible that mathematically possible combinations are displayed in the query despite the characteristic relationships maintained in the Planning Modeller. This is the case if “Characteristic relationships”, which was selected in the above figure, was not selected and “Master data” was chosen instead.

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