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Increasing security features for vehicles to add personnel safety with “Big Data & Mobile Solutions”.

How Automobile industry can use “Mobile solutions, Big Data and Cloud platform” to provide safety feature to vehicle Owners and also Claims companies benefit to evaluate necessary Claims.

Sending alert signal and triggering safety device through mobile phones.

Increasing security features for vehicles to add personnel safety.

          For today’s day to day activities everyone needs more security features for safety. This will relieve stress involvement & help to build a healthy environment.

           Our daily means of travel involves in use of transportation either by personnel or private vehicle or by public transit. As there are financial involvements in having our own vehicle or getting service through private service providers, also at the same for the public transit as government or autonomous bodies have invested financial resources. Sometimes errors or unexpected incidents may incur which may leave us in situation of helplessness.

With latest technologies, tech gadgets and use of big data these can be overcome using security apps that are user friendly. Also, activities and instances can be tracked & registered further to avoid such unexpected situations.

          Solutions can be achieved with such Apps that can be developed with the Big Data, Cloud platform and Mobile solutions which can be great help for the use in vehicles which contributes towards increasing security of the vehicles also preventing loss and giving caution alerts to take necessary action. Not only this but also assisting life threatening, unexpected health related situations for vehicle owners while travelling.

          The Mobile solutions, Automobile industry & Service providers play an important role and can be big contributors to keep vehicle Owners safe & secure using the “Big Data & with Cloud platform”.

          The device a GPS tracker which can be activated by triggering code from mobile has to embedded to the vehicle built-in GPS which is interconnected with electronic circuit board or can be data chip able to be fed with vehicle & registered owner data synchronized with the triggering code for the mobile phone. The triggering code can be accessed through Cloud services. As all the information of the vehicle has to be shared on BigData can be accessible by the Motor & Transportation Authority. When the ownership is obtained related data of owner has to linked along with the mobile to the name of owner/responsible authority of the Vehicle.

          The device embedded in the vehicle can be activated once the vehicle is parked at a location, authenticating the synchronized GPS to generate a cached data of the time & location in Big Data through Cloud platform. The owner has to deactivate the same way we use remote key for vehicles.

          In event of any movement of the location the device will send a caution/alert to the owner over mobile. This will help to take immediate action and preventing theft. Also the owner can activate alarm remotely by triggering application using mobile phone, alerting the people around about the suspicious activity. This feature helps in cautioning the owner if someone has a duplicate key and try to have a free ride without the knowledge of owner let them be among family, friends or an outsider. Not only this if the vehicle towed legally due to wrong parking or vehicle lifting illegally or some reasons viz., safety brake or hand brake not engaged when parked on inclined pavement.

          When the movement of vehicle happens the sensor device activates and send the information through GPS tracker recording the path and activity to Cloud platform saving details in Big Data. Apart from this, the application in mobile should also duplicate the tracking details of GPS, which can be great help to assist & pass the information to law & order officials.

          This not only helps to track the vehicle in case of loss. Further by use of interlacing with mobile security feature owner can get message if there is any security break. With the GPS the vehicle can be located and also last recorded instances can give where the vehicle has been moved & easily be tracked & checked over big data.

          In case of other events like breakdown or stranded in remote place due to unexpected reasons, using the mobile feature will also be helpful.

While travel due to unexpected emergency situation of health or accidents through triggering the application over mobile message can be sent to 911 or central data in conditions that prevent using communication method by person. Also, in case of accident the device need to send a signal to the concerned authority, to let know about the situation so that the help team can locate the vehicle & person(s). The device has to be programmed in a way so that it can send data over mobile & GPS satellite.

          Much helpful to the owners to be safe & secure but also helpful to the law & order in tracking down the vehicles. The data details are also helpful to reach in time for providing timely help in case of accidents or any such circumstances.

          This not only reduces work load when the claims are applied. The data details can be much helpful in the assessment of activity, damages, payments over the stated situation  condition viz., health or property or vehicle insurance agencies to process claims.

          Any tampering of the App has to be brought to the notice of authorities, have regular inspection to check the app and a responsibility of the owner.

          The device & App has to be made tamper proof and will be pre-configured & installed at assembly plant of auto mobile. Only certified & trained experts authorized by the Motor Transport authority have to inspect/check/replace in case of malfunction or replacement and the data has to be recorded & synchronized with mobile phone. Installed at authorized places and registering with the local Transport authority and message has to be received for any activity related to the device. This will prevent from miscreants un-authorize handling or un-authorize mechanic handling or tampering the device. This will also help in case it is tampered as an automatic message is signaled to the transport authority central server system registering an incident of tampered activity. This to avoid any unskilled/unauthorized meddling with the app or mishandled. Trying to prevent giving information by the owner of vehicle.

          Furthermore in case of involvement in hazard or lost the vehicle app alarm (sound + flasher lights) can be activated through mobile phone or the flasher button. Also when within reach of mobile the app sends a distress signal thro’ the registered user incase the flasher couldn’t be activated upon situations like accidents or immediate health care attention. The app is programmed in a chip and the chip is embedded along with the built in security alarm of the vehicle.

          However without limitations for the device app, has to be seen to save using power from vehicle battery. The device GPS synchronizer should able to communicate without switching on the GPS monitor only sending signal to the Big Data to the Cloud platform thus using mobile & data services from providers and the signal cutoff should make the device switch over to sending signal through GPS over the satellite, So Big Data over cloud is sending data to the mobile device locating/tracking activity. The cutoff signal for the GPS can make it somewhat difficult to track the exact location, but much useful in tracking the last instance of signal received. With growing technology In future development the factors may be reduced by the communication method through satellite.

          A image being shared to give a basic idea about the situations for understanding.

increasing security -  automobile with mobile solutions.jpg

Furthermore, risk factors are reduced with such an application and device.

The best can be achieved with “Big Data, Cloud platform and Mobile Solutions”.

This is my opinion. Any comments suggestions about this topic are welcome. Thanks for going through my blog.

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