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How to change the physical path for the files getting created by the File Extract Solution in TDMS

SAP TDMS 4.0: Extract Data to Files Functionality

Introduction: In TDMS 4.0 there is a functionality of Data extract through files. In this functionality the files are getting created for the data in the sender system in activity ‘Export Data to Files’ activity. There are 2 paths where the files are getting stored:

1) Logical Path: A logical path maps a logical, or virtual, directory name to an actual directory name on the server. For example, you might map the logical directory name “dgn” to the physical directory c:/data/dgn. If you use the logical name in a URL likehttp://<yourserver>/dgn/test.dgn, the server will return a representation of c:/data/dgn/test.dgn.

2) Physical Path: Physical path is a path that is actually present in the hard disk.

By Default the Logical Path name in SAP TDMS is DMIS_DEX_ROOT and the physical path that is mapped to the logical path DMIS_DEX_ROOT is DIR_TRANS.

In case you do not want to store the archived files that are creating by the SAP TDMS in the DIR_TRANS location, you would be able change the physical path by using the below steps:

1) Go to Transaction FILE

2) Go to Position and find logical path DMIS_DEX_ROOT

3) Select the logical path DMIS_DEX_ROOT and double click on button ‘Assignment of Physical Paths to Logical Path’.



4) Double click on the operating system like Unix or Windows NT.


Change the path using the display/change button.

If suppose the files are in location: C:\Users\Rahul\Desktop\DEX then the physical path value should be : C:\Users\Rahul\Desktop\DEX\<FILENAME>

How to check the operating system:

In menu bar Go to System->Status->Operating System.

Restart ability of the Export Data to Files activity:

Suppose the ‘Export Data to Files’ activity got aborted due to the lack of the space available in the maintained physical path and now you would like to change the path in between and you would like to create the rest of the files in the different location. Please follow the below steps to re-execute it:

  • Change the Path by above mentioned steps, now the sub-activities that is in error needs to be re-executed again.
  • Please implement Note 1930794 if the system is on TDMS 4.0 SP04 OR SP05 and restart the ‘Export Data to Files activity.

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      Author's profile photo Kanth Laxmi
      Kanth Laxmi

      Hi Rahul,

      thanks for the blog,I assume it can be carried by any one of the steps right.

      Create your own logical path definitions and assign them as the new logical export or import path by using transaction CNV_MBT_DEXDEFAULTS in the control system.

      You can change the maximum size for each data extract file by defining a corresponding maximum file size in bytes using transaction CNV_MBT_DEXDEFAULTS for the control system.

      following is the screen shot.


      Thank you,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Laxmi Kanth,

      Yes definitely you can change the logical path name as well by editing this entry in CNV_MBT_DEXDEFAULTS but that logical path name should exist in the FILE transaction with a physical path.

      Please make sure that you would change this entry before executing the activity 'Define a Data Extract ID for File Transfer' to create the files at a specified location.

      Best Regards,

      Rahul Mittal