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Connectivity Issue in BODS designer

Hi All,

I am facing issue in connecting BODS designer from my local system to Client system,that is BODS installed on remote server.

The local system and client system are in same LAN connection. I am using the same credentials that are using on server side like system ID and port number of server machine.

By using these credentials we are facing connectivity issue as follows.


But by using these credentials, the local machine user is able to connect to BODS on server location by using same IP address mentioned in screenshot.

In same IP address CMC and Information steward is working fine by using web URL from remote machines, only Designer is showing problem in connectivity to server side system.

Kindly help us to resolve this issue with your valuable comments.

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  • Hi Vikram,

    Try adding the System ip address in host file(Run window---> type drivers---> etc folder---> host file) and use the name provided instead of ip.



    • Hi Abhi,

      Thanks for your suggestion, but its not working still same error we are facing.

      I modified host file with our Server address and paste it in same folder. After that we are using system name as server address in BODS designer.

      Please find the attached Images for your reference.Cmnt.png

      • /
        • Hi Manoj,

          We tried it by changing port number ranges from 6400 to 6405 in BODS designer options. After that we are facing same issue like earlier.



          • Dear Vikram,

            You have to check system admin that 3500 ports are open in your network. If you are changing 6400 to 6405 will not help. usually network admin disable the ports.

            I have some query related to that

            Are you accessing designer  in remotely if yes check with network admin for above port



          • Hi Manoj,

            Without using Specify range option for ports we are trying with 6400 port earlier, that port is open in our network. I tested it through telnet from my local system. 6400 port is working fine, but designer is not connecting.

            After your reply we used that option to change port range from 6400 to 6405, but by using 6400 it is throwing same error. Here only 6400 port is open and remaining are not working.

            In your earlier reply, you specified 3510 to 3514 port range. Do we need to specify same range as what you specified?

            Because 3500 is open in my network,3510 to 3514 are not open.

            Please clarify it.



          • Vikram,

            Looks like firewall blocking the ports. Please check the port assignment in CMC for the servers.

            Login to CMC -> Server -> Server List -> Right Click on Central Management Server -> Properties -> Common Settings

            If the Request Port option set to Auto Assign, change it and assign to static port 6401, check all servers and assign the static port for each of them.