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Co-Innovation project with HILTI and University of Liechtenstein


The University Alliances Program ( opens up the world of SAP to more than 1,400 universities and more than 250, 000 students worldwide. Through our program, universities and students can gain access to an ever expanding range of exciting opportunities to engage with one of the world’s leading technology companies. Students can participate in competitions and contests such as Innojams, Codejams and Design Thinking events organized in collaboration with several SAP departments (e.g. SAP Technical Marketing, SAP Developer Experience). Students can get involved in Co-Innovation projects with customers and partners in the SAP Ecosystem and gain access to SAP solutions like Business Analytics, Mobility, HANA and BPM etc. One of the key missions for the SAP University Alliances program is to help build the SAP Ecosystem of the future because universities, professors and students play an important role in creating, developing and innovating. SAP University Alliances has implemented an innovation platform named the SAP University Innovation Platform. This channel for innovation will allow universities, professors, and students to connect with SAP Customers, Partners and participate in co-innovation projects, industry related contests and university research.

Co-Innovation project with HILTI and University of Liechtenstein:

One such co-innovation project was orchestrated between the students from University of Liechtenstein and the leading-edge construction technology provider HILTI in collaboration with SAP RDS and SAP UA. The goal of the co-innovation project was to take advantage of unstructured and structured data residing in business networks and external social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, to provide real-time sentiment analysis along with predictive analysis, leveraging SAP HANA. On one hand, this project will provide an excellent opportunity for the students to work directly with the latest SAP technology e.g. SAP HANA, SAP RDS Sentiment Intelligence and SAP Lumira to enhance their technical and innovation skills. On the other hand, it will help the SAP customer HILTI to gain the possibility to react faster to changing market trends and sentiments, as well as early identification of product, service or brand issues with an affordably priced solution. Additional business benefits include gaining insights into customer requests for lead generation, product/service issue and topics/context around market sentiments.

With full cooperation from SAP teams and HILTI, the project was successfully completed in the Winter Semester 13/14 by the students of Master of Science in IT and Business Process Management program from the University of Liechtenstein. Four groups presented their results at the HILTI headquarters in Schaan (the Principality of Liechtenstein) on 5th of December 2013.


The Challenge:

According to the social media marketing industry report (2013), “86% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 83% in 2012”. HILTI knows how important social media has become to its success that’s why HILTI invests time, money, and resources to monitor it. HILTI is a customer oriented company so what the customer says matters. There are multiple reasons why HILTI is tracking what customers say on social media platforms:

  • To potentially solve HILTI customer’s problems as well as meet their needs by analyzing the sentiment of their customers on social media around HILTI products.
  • Social media can enable HILTI to manage unexpected issues/accidents that may occur with the customer promptly and without external intervention.
  • To keep an eye on the competitors in the market and learn from success and failures of the competitions.
  • Monitoring social media is crucial in a sense that it gives HILTI the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns uploaded on social media platforms.


Proposed Solution:

One group of 5 students from University of Liechtenstein presented a solution for HILTI based on the SAP Rapid Development solution (RDS) Sentiment Intelligence (SI) along with the SAP Lumira front-end tool for visual intelligence. The RDS SI provides interfaces via Data Services to the Twitter Search API and to the Facebook Graph API (also to SAP Jam and Google + channel but that was not relevant for their case study).

SAP Data Services Text Data Processing enables to perform natural language processing (NLP) and extraction processing on unstructured text. SAP Data services covers extraction, transformation and loading of the data flow.

Sentiment Intelligence extracts entities as well as fact types like sentiment from the text. Based on the contained sub-entities in the sentences, the fact types are assigned a very positive, positive, neutral, negative or very negative sentiment indicator.

SAP HANA Text analysis has already predefined the voice of the customer domain extraction, data will be cleansed and matched, core entities (who, what, when, where and so on) are also predefined, and NLP grammatically parses and semantically and statistically disambiguates text into predefined categories such as the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages, and so on.

SAP HANA was utilized to store the data and provide high performance analysis with SAP Explorer, SAP Visual Intelligence and the SAP HANA UI5/Toolkit.

The aim of their solution was to customize the visualization for the Social Media Manager. The aim was to provide a user-friendly interface that will allow separate analytical reporting for Emergency, Standard Monitoring and Campaign use-cases. Two possibilities to take actions based on this analysis were defined:

  1.     Immediate answer to posts in the social system
  2.     Trigger the processes in CRM and other systems from the SAP Business Suite.


                                      The geo-map above shows the average sentiment counts per country in social media for HILTI

SAP UA is determined to continue with this kind of co-innovation projects because they have appeared as a great success and a great opportunity for young people to get acquainted with SAP solutions and pave way for Innovations. The SAP University Innovation Platform is a big step forward in fostering such young talent. It also gives SAP a lot of insight into how the new generation of software users tackle challenges and how they use and approach SAP products.





  • Recording of the solution presentations will be available shortly

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