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This blog shall cover the details of the User Exit that can be used to add/include a customized tab page in the production order header screen.

If there is a requirement/customer expectation that certain important data needs to be filled/entered in the production order header screen, then by using this

User Exit,PPCO0012  Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data we can fulfill the requirement.

(By using the option Create Long Text      Long Text.jpg

we can enter the text of any length that is required or the same can be used to fill in any customer specific data or

information. But here the user needs to hit on the key for creating the Long text every time and chances are there that the user may miss to enter the details.

Also there is a separate tab with the description Long Text that is available in the production order header screen.

In addition to this,to fetch this data in the form of a long text from the table level for multiple orders for reporting purpose may become cumbersome. So this can

be made simple by using this user exit to include a new tab page in the production order header screen).

The components available in the User exit is displayed in the below screen shot.


Production Order creation screen in CO01, with newly added tab page in addition to the existing standard tab page.

CO01 - 01.jpg

Fields included in the customized tab page,

CO01 - 02.jpg

The fields added in the customized tab page can be stored in the standard SAP table AFPO.


Data stored in the table AFPO for the newly added fields under the customized tab page.


When transporting these changes from a development to quality or production client it’s recommended to perform the same during non-business hours as the

tables gets regenerated.

Thanks for spending time to view this blog.Kindly please share your feedback/suggestions regarding the same.

Thanks & Regards


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  1. Rajen Madan

    Thank you Mangalraj for sharing this to the community and personally with myself.

    Luckily I have got a developer ID in my test IDES system and am surely going to give it a try. I have already checked the ABAP development spaces for more resources related to the exit, checked the SAP documentation and the sample code that has been provided in include LXCO1F11 (SE38).

    Will share if I face any difficulties and their resolutions.

    Best Regards,


  2. swapnil rajane

    Hi Mangalraj,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the documents.Its really a general requirement where client want to have additional data input in order which we cant able to do.

    Its really give me a good idea and confident to utilize it in future point of you.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Mangal,

    Nice article. Appreciate your efforts in helping the SCN Community via forums, articles & blogs… Hoping to see more in future.

    Thank you,

    Senthilkumar SD

  4. Aditya S

    Hello Mangalraj,

    This blog will be very helpful to all guys who work on SAP PP. Wonderful Blog. Thanks for sharing to all of us.

    I have one question :- Do we need to specify the “New Custom Tab” name and the “new fields to be added in the new custom tab” is to be mentioned in the user exist ?. Please clarify. b) Also do we have any restriction to add only ” n ” number of custom tabs or fields in the cutom tab ?. Thanks in advance. I had provided “Exceptional” feedback. 🙂

    1. Mangalraj Senthamaraikannan Post author

      Dear Aditya,

      Thanks for reading this blog and you feedback.

      When providing the functional specifications we can include the same as per the customer

      requirements and we can mention the field,field description,length,type etc.

      Please let me know if you need any further inputs.



      1. Aditya S

        Dear Mangalraj,

        Thanks for immediate reply. My question is do we need to specify these details in the User Exit ? or in any Program code?. and what is the maximum number of custom tabs or fields we can maintain in the Production code.

        Please provide your suggestions for my above queries.

        Thanks in advance for your support.

  5. Former Member

    Dear Mangal,

       Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This would be useful for the client requirement in case of user exit details.

       Your answers are always very helpful, particularly in the areas of SFC customizations and REM process.


    Thaila Shree


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