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SAP Data Services 4.2 and Information Steward 4.2 now “Release to Customer”

SAP Data Services 4.2 and SAP Information Steward 4.2 entered Ramp-Up back on May 13th 2013 as General Availability for a planned duration of 6 months.  As scheduled both have been released to customer on December 6th 2013.

The final products ready for download are:

  • SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01 (
  • SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP01 (

Note: SAP took the same approach with SAP BI 4.1 released earlier this year whereas they have entered Ramp-Up with SAP BI 4.1 SP00 and was officially released with SAP BI 4.1 SP01.

The software can be downloaded as a full installation or update:

  • SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01 > Software Downloads > Installations and Upgrades > A – Z Index > D > SAP Data Services > SAP Data Services 4.2

Microsoft Windows:
Available for Download.png


Linux Available for Download.png

  • SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP01 > Software Downloads > Installations and Upgrades > A – Z Index > I > SAP Information Steward > SAP Information Steward 4.2

Microsoft Windows:

IS Available for Download.png


IS Linux Available for Download 2.png

Myself and I’m sure many of you have been waiting for this release for quite some time.  I’m sure for one or both of the following reasons:

  • New features:
  • You can (finally) patch your SAP BI 4.0 environment!

Customers with implementations such as SAP BI 4.0 or IPS 4.0 and SAP DS 4.1 have been left unable to patch BI to SAP BI 4.1 (SP01 or SP02) when it was released few months ago.

This is of course because of the infamous “compatibility matrix”.  SAP Note 1740516.

Note: I’ll be testing this ASAP on my test environment and contact my customers in January for a series of long and awaited BI and DS (IS) updates!!

See my installation notes:

    • How to install SAP Data Services 4.2 – Part 1:
    • How to install SAP Data Services 4.2 – Part 2: [in progress]
    • SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP01 [next]

Here are some helpful documentations:

  • SAP Data Services 4.2 SP01:
  • SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP01

I’ll continue to add content here as I learn more.  My main focus is BI Platform so this is always going to be architecture related.  I’ll let much more knowledge able people than me deal with the new features in those products!

See more blogs and articles here: BI Platform, Enterprise Information Management, Data Services and Data Quality, SAP Information Steward.

As always, I’d be happy to hear your comments, suggestions and experiences with these releases.


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    • Information Steward is not mandatory.

      My understanding of Information Steward license - Information Stewad has got 4 modules 1) Data Insight - For data profiling and setting up business rule validation and quality scorecarding

      2) Metapedia

      3) Metadata Management

      4) Cleansing Package Builder - Build cleaning package for dimensions such as Address, Person, Product, etc and use it in Data Services

      1 & 4 are included in Data Services license whereas we need additional/separate license for 2 & 3.

      Kind Regards