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Oracle KBAs/Notes released/changed on November 2013


The purpose of this blog is to provide a list of Oracle KBAs/Notes released/changed on November 2013, see below.


3155 Termination due to tablespace overflow
176754 Problems with CBO and RBO
105047 Support for Oracle functions in the SAP environment
185822 ora-1555 – cause and action
806554 FAQ: I/O-intensive database operations
940794 Releasing Oracle 10.2 versions for older SAP versions
1326067 Configure retention period for Automatic Workload Repository
819829 Oracle Instant Client Installation and Configuration on Unix
1329848 Oracle Support for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
1330038 Oracle sustaining support for Version 9.2
825653 Oracle: Common misconceptions
756335 Statistics in tables w/ heavily fluctuating volumes of data
1336810 Wrong Result When Using DBMS_REDEFINITION in RAC environment
1339724 Oracle 10.2 Extended Support free until July 31, 2011
1244076 kkp* merge fix for Oracle
772497 FAQ: Oracle Hints
1226712 kts* merge fix for Oracle
984955 Timeout with selection of V$-Views
1273790 kks* merge fix for Oracle
1013912 FAQ: Oracle BW performance
830578 Environment variable on Unix for ora<sid> and <sid>adm
832343 FAQ: Clustering factor
720886 Oracle Database 10g: Integration into the SAP environment
1020260 Delivery of Oracle statistics (Oracle 10g, 11g)
839182 Installing patches using OPatch
839187 Oracle 10.2.0: Applying patch set/patches/patch collection
927813 Oracle 10g: Using Oracle Segment Advisor to optimize space
1166242 10g: “enq: HW contention” waits for LOB Inserts in ASSM TBS
850306 Oracle Critical Patch Update Program
1171650 Automated Oracle DB parameter check
527843 Oracle RAC support in the SAP environment
1173954 Support of Oracle for VMWare
871735 Current patch set for Oracle 10.2.0
964619 RMAN: Incremental backups with Block Change Tracking
745639 FAQ: Oracle enqueues
618868 FAQ: Oracle performance
1289199 Information about Oracle parameters
1289494 FAQ: Oracle compression
1289460 ORA-354 on AIX5L if agblksize is not set correctly
789011 FAQ: Oracle memory areas
539921 Current patch set for Oracle 9.2.0
540463 FAQ: Consistency Checks + Block Corruptions
540477 Collective note: Oracle – Hot News notes
562403 FAQ: Oracle Net
999524 Oracle 10.2 platform support for Async IO
398927 ORA errors because dimensions of parameters are too small
84348 Oracle deadlocks, ORA-00060
1128990 Using Oracle Logminer with Oracle >= 10g
936441 Oracle settings for R3load based system copy
937492 FAQ: Oracle Flashback
659946 FAQ: Temporary tablespaces
1330253 CPU Patches April 2009 (Oracle Critical Update Program)
821687 FAQ: Space utilization and fragmentation in Oracle
828268 Oracle Database 10g: New functions
985118 Wrong Values with parallel execution
766349 FAQ: Oracle SQL optimization
767414 FAQ: Oracle latches
771929 FAQ: Index fragmentation
869006 Composite SAP note: ORA-04031
1005758 ORA 3106 in Oracle
1269911 FAQ: Chained Rows
1556996 online table reorganization ends with ORA-02168
1298485 Oracle 10.2: Performance problems with inlist iteration
841728 10.2: Solutions for installation and upgrade problems
1028068 Required Oracle options for the DBA Cockpit
605062 FAQ: Restore and recovery
651452 DB13: No action log found for this action
1333328 Partitioning Engine for Oracle
764893 Corrections in RZ20 for Oracle Monitoring (4)
918877 Actions are missing in DB13 after upgrade to Oracle 10g
8523 DB backups using CCMS do not work
1261329 DBA Cockpit: Oracle as a remote database
135772 Confign of SAPDBA/BR programs in the ORACLE environment
113747 Owners and authorizations for BR*Tools
214370 Backup of archive logs in a BRARCHIVE cycle
435290 Description of BRCONNECT 6.10 DB check conditions
646681 Reorganization of tables with BRSPACE
1003028 Extended support for database copy in BR*Tools
892296 Enhancements in update statistics in BRCONNECT 7.00 / 7.10
849483 Corrections for BR*Tools Version 7.00
1235952 Minor functional enhancements in BR*Tools (2)
748434 New BRSPACE function “dbcreate” – recreate database
1284406 MISSING_STATISTICS warning after new installation
541538 FAQ: Reorganization
132861 CBO: Statistics creation with SAPDBA or BRCONNECT
827020 Workaround for ORA-00054 during reorganization and rebuild
905359 Using BR*Tools for Oracle RAC databases
1016173 Verifying database and archive log files using RMAN
945568 Data consistency (“safety”): DBSl error at array inserts
915079 J2EE on Oracle: Updating the JDBC drivers

Please note that in order to view the contents of the guides and SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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