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Introducing Data Preview in ADT 2.19

Similar to se16, you can now preview the data in any Dictionary Table, Dictionary Views, External Views and Core Data Service(CDS) DDL artifacts using the Data Preview tool.

To start the data preview, select the Dictionary table, view, or CDS artifacts in the project explorer and choose the context menu “Open Data Preview”


The data preview loads the top 100 records persisted in the Dictionary table, view, or CDS artifacts. The max rows that are loaded in the data preview is configurable upto 5000. To change the value, enter the numbers of records to be loaded in Max Rows textbox.


If you do not wish to see all the columns in the table, simply click on the “Select Columns” button, and choose the columns that you wish to see and press OK. The data preview is refreshed to load the top 100 records(as configured in max rows) for the columns that you have selected.


You can sort any columns by ascending or descending order. The records in ascending or descending order are fetched from the from the ABAP server.


You can also add one or more complex filters in data preview, by clicking “Add Filter”.

Data preview fetches only those records that match all the filter criteria.


You can choose one of following filters to define any complex filters


Another rapid way of adding filters is by selecting any cell in the table and choosing the Quick Filter context menu. This will add the filter for that column matching the value in the cell.

In the below e.g. the filter BOOKID = 00000004 will be added.


You can also quickly search for a matching regular expression pattern via the local filters. Adding the local filter immediately highlights all the values in table that matches the regular expression pattern.

In this e.g. all the values matching *05* is highlighted in blue.


If you wish to view all the distinct values for a given column, simply right-click on the column and choose Distinch Values for [column name]


The dialog shows all the distinct values for CARRID along with the total count and its distribution.


If you wish you view the open SQL query that was executed for any of the operation, click on the Show Log button.

This dialog shows all the open SQL queries that were executed in the ABAP server to fetch the results. It also shows the time taken to execute the queries.


Finally, all the records loaded in data preview can be downloaded into your local system by choosing save as option. You can save the records into a CSV file, HTML file or an XML file


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  • great but hwere is this features. we have eclipse kepler with 2.19 and nw740 backend sp3, cannot find that button nor i get problems using webdynpro features, the views do not open (with juno they did) any ideas?? tanks a lot

    regards oliver

    • Hi Oliver,

      As Thomas noted in the blog, the data preview feature is available only with NW 7.4 SP05 version of the ABAP server.

      You also mentioned "the views do not open (with juno they did)". Which view are you referring to?

      Best Regards,


      • hi raghuvira,

        i have a question.

        data preview only available if backend is 740 SP5 , thats clear now.

        but some features (e.g. table edtior in webdynpro for views) still available, but the new quick-fix options don't work , e.g. call function 'Z_DEMO' - shows me no quick-fix to create that function.

        or to crate an attribute in the class via quick-fix etc....

        is there a list what works with 740 SP3 and what only with SP > 3 - or a list which are the correct versions of the plugins we hava to use?

        kind regards


          • hi rahuvira,

            thanks a lot !!!

            we love AIE a LOT!!!!!

            we would love to have downports of that to 740 SP3, as we always migrate with our sap erp to net releases (sep. 2013 we did so) but we cannot migrate every day you knowl

            does anyone at sap know if is poosible to just update the netweaver backend with no problems for ERP ??? we dont know if this is possible, as we develper-guys always want the new stuff!!!



          • Hi Oliver,

            I dont think we will downport the features delivered with 7.4 SP5 to 7.4 SP3. Since SPs are backwards compatible, I do not see any issues in upgrading from 7,4 SP3 to 7.4 SP5. Hope this helps.

            Best Regards, Vishnu

          • Hi Vishnu,

            maybe i don't understand correct. does it mean it is not possible to just upgrade the netwaever stack alone (our stack runs beyond erp ehp7) -  is upgrading always only possible to upgrade complete ERP ?

            regards oliver

          • Dear Olver,

            yes, you can't upgrade the NetWeaver Stack alone. A specific ERP EhP level is always bound to a NetWeaver Stack. I.E. EhP7 runs only on NetWeaver 7.40.

            Best regards


          • hi gregor,

            we are on 740 sp3 ehp7 erp - is it possible to just upgrade to 740 sp5 , as we are on 740, or do we always have to do an erp upgrade, which is time-consuming and much more risky

            regards oliver

          • When you don't run NetWeaver stand alone it is advised that you patch to the next NetWeaver SP level when there is a so called Support Package Stack (SPS) where the interoperability was checked.