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How to create a List Modification Form?

In this short tutorial I would like to explain how to create a list find form to be used for creating new entries in an advanced list pane. This will look similar to a quick create but works simply for a data list. Credit goes to Stefan Hagen for this hint

Goal: Create a quick create “like” form for adding new elements to a list

1. Create a DataList in the UI Designer Data Model (here: Contacts)

2. Right-Click on the DataList and select “Add ListModificationStructure”

3. Bind the relevant fields to the newly added structure

4. Should look like this:


5. Drag and Drop the ListModificationForm somewhere to your screen


6. Open the ListModificaitonForm and add the fields from your data model structure, also select your structure in the properties within “Associated ListModificationStructure”


7. Add a Hanlder that starts the form to the Add Button


8. Save and Activate and take a look:


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  • Thanks for sharing Jens. As a FYI this is a standard "UX3" pattern that required if you use the Thing Inspector/Quick Create/Quick View UIs for Cloud for Customer extensions. There is also one more undocumented feature which is the "Card/Chunk" visualization of lists. Use the AlternateListVisualization switch in the list. There are plenty of examples how you set this up in all of the standard Cloud for Customer OWLs like Service Ticket, Account, Oppty, etc...

    Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.57.34 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.57.34 PM.png
    • Hello Rei,

      Did you find how to use the Card/Chunk visualization of lists?

      This is a really interesting feature for SAP ByDesign as this kind of list exists through C4C but are very rare in ByDesign. It should be documented!

      Thank you for your attention.

      Best regards.

      Jacques-Antoine Ollier

  • Hi Jens,

    Thanks for the share.As Rei mentioned there are lot of features undocumented. We need to take a close look at a standard screen and figure it. At least we can see the standard screens!! though not the code behind standard BO's 😡



    • @Jens Limabach : I have can the fields in list modification can be poppulated automatically..

      in your example also by selecting account id : name and lastname should poppulate automatically as soon as i select account id...

      How can we achive this? i did notice some RAL ( Read Access logging concept ) but i have no clue how exactly it work...

  • Hi Jens,

    We have a scenario where we have to create tasks from a custom BO we have created. We are using a list modification form which gives Add and Add and New option in HTML5.

    Add button is working fine but when we use Add and New button does behave differently

    I have listed below the steps

    1) Add a Task

    2) Enter Task details say for e.g. Task 01

    3) Click Add and New

    4) Enter Task details for e.g. Task 02 and hit cancel instead of Add.

    Here both the tasks do not get added to the list modification table. Ideally Task 01 should be added to the list.

    They are stored in the buffer and I can get them back when I hit refresh button which saves the entries and refreshes the list. But this is manual step and I cannot find a mechanism to refresh the list automatically.

    Any idea / suggestions how do we get around this issue.



  •  hi,


    I have added an EC in Opportunity for the custom BO with an Advance list pane. The values are correctly filled in it.  But Now I have added a List Modification form like above to create new entries but it is not opening when I click on Add button. An exception is coming after it starts loading.

    what could be wrong.

    I tried adding an event to add row before listmodification to check if this is triggering or not but the row is added and then listmodification exception comes.




    • Hi Bansal Amrit,


      I have the same problem as you said, do you find the reason? could you please tell me how to solve this problem.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      Thanks in advance.


      Hi Bansal,


      I'm facing the same issue today.

      I have implemented this for one BO and there everything was fine. Now I want to implement it for a second BO which is used in an EC. I have followed the steps abouve, but still got the same error.

      Could you solve it? And if yes, how did you do it?


      Thanks and best regards,




    I have an EC which is incorporated inside Standard Account TI screen. My EC displays the data and on each row there should be 1 field, if we click on that field it should display List Modification Form.

    I have made one field as Link and on click i have added an event handler and that event handler will call list modification form.

    I have followed the above steps and created list modification form. But ig gives me error when i click on the link.

    Can someone please help me.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Srikanth Rathod


  • Hi,

    I have created a list modification form and all the bindings are correct as far as i know but it is throwing an exception when i click on the 'Add' button.

    Could anyone find a solution for this?