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Creating a Time Buckets Profile and saving for specific user/BP

In this procedure, you define a time buckets profile and assign it to the location product, to determine the display horizon and period division of the display horizon for a location product in the monitor.

Creating a Time Buckets Profile

Call time buckets profile processing and assignment under Time Buckets Profiles. To do so, you have the following options:

  • In a monitor, choose the Time Buckets Profile pushbutton on the Product Data tab page (Details view) or in the Product Data section (Details-Product View view)

  • In the Web application menu of the monitor, choose the Time Buckets Profiles menu option.

Choose Change, then Create


Here you can specify all the needed information. For detailed description of filling out the fields for Time Bucket profiles:

As of standard system design the Time Bucket Profile is saved only in comination of Location and Product.

If you want to save the Time Bucket Profile for user or business partner, than you have to implement the BADI /SCA/TLDASSN method SET_SELECTION.

Within the method you can set the following parameters:

  • EV_USER = ’X’ – the profile is saved user dependent
  • EV_PARTNER = ’X’ – the profile is saved business partner dependent

NOTE: if both parameter is set to ‘X’, than the profile is saved only for the user, not for the business partner!

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