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VC5 … – Deprecated

This is just a short update. We are still working on VC5 – Visual Composer that will create SAP UI5 applications and we created a short demo for the TECHED in Bangalore:

if you have any questions, please contact me.

thanks, Gad

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  • Hi Gad,

    this is excellent news.

    As a veteran of the Gui Machine and a big fan of the Gui Machine, ease of setup, ease of use, I’m looking forward to see where VC5 takes us.

    Best regards,


      • yes it was a long time ago, and it was a nice tool, very easy to use.

        I have worked with the current VC and it is a long way from Gui Machine,

        what I liked with gui machine was it was probably as close as you could get to a tool that a power user in the business could use

        the current VC is much deeper and less intuitive

        I hope VC5 will go more in the direction of a tool that power users in the Business can use to make applications quickly to fulfill requirements which do not need complex developer knowledge and experience and complex developer tools

        I always saw that as the goal of the Gui Machine, very easy very quick.

        We shall see 🙂


  • Hi Gad,

    Is there any availability date for VC5? Really looking forward for this update in our BPM implementation, when users are keen to have only UI5 based screens.



    • Hi Aditya,

      It is planned to be released to customers with Netweaver 731 SP11 which is around March 2014. The current version doesn’t have BPM integration, but we do plan to develop it in the future.

      Happy Holidays ,


  • Hi Gad Ravid

    Looks very interesting.  Can we have a preview of the offerings in VC5 ? Currently I am working for a large scale project (on VC 7.3 SP10 & SAP PBF with around 75K end users) and looking for more improved functionalities.  Few of them are listed in SCN

    Handling close/exit event in Visual composer application

    Mouse over event in VC TableView

    Can we expect these features incorporated in VC5 ?  In addition to these, few functionalities related to BI services (like returning the Planning function message log, rather than displaying the message log in the message area) will be really helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,