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Using Mobile Solutions for Safety & Sending distress or emergency need information

Sending distress or emergency need information.

         Using the Mobile solutions development and Big Data, some of the best apps can be designed and built for the security of women with mobile tools to aid the personal safety of women and to help deal with emergencies can make SOS calls and also can send automated text alerts and preconfigured e-mails with location information to pre-saved emergency numbers and IDs at the touch of a button or by accessing “SS app”.

          The application has to work even in situations where the user is unable to trigger the alert manually or when the phone is destroyed or there is no Internet access app using the GPS. It has to be configured to dial automatically voice calls to emergency contact(s) pre-configured on the device.


          Got the idea while attending the SAP Mobile Application Development this can also be activated if the phone is either shaken continuously, but at the same time had taken into consideration of day to day activities which can trigger the “SS Application” like Sports, Fitness programs, Jogging, travelling through terrain/rough roads, and similar situations like at some places of work the triggering of the application could be automatic which can create uncomfortable situations for the user and the officials and also important point to avoid attention of miscreants.

          Best method could be upon pressing the “77” keys on phone or using dialer button by press holding few seconds or by the touch of “SS App” in the smartphones. Upon standby mode it has to work in the background keeping the app alive in silent mode to reduce power consumption and data + memory usage.

          Globally this application or tool can be used in various circumstances and implementation can be done as per the requirements.

“SS” (Stress Signal) – By dialing 77 or By press holding mobile Dialer key or Using the “SS” Apps icon.

          The application has to be created/made/developed keeping in view for those who require or to let know about the emergency situation by calling/inform respective sources to take necessary immediate action. Keeping in view the activities taking place now a days globally.

          Sometimes, as situations may pertain for the subject avoiding to communicate personally so as to avert from alerting miscreants and at the same to call or intimating the related officials about the situation.

          This has to be developed in view as prevent anti-social activities and for safety of all specially women, also for those involved in any accidents or related to critical health situations.

          With all the increasing technology in communication methods by using big data, smart devices and latest technology developments. As of date with so many applications making use of Internet & GPS facilities providing easy solutions and delivering services as per the user requirements and with all the smartphones and regular phones.

          Using data facility of mobile phone plus with GPS technology it is easy to locate the mobile devices/tablets/pads sending/receiving data through the data service or internet service providers. Not only keeping the concept in view of locating device by the help of GPS and also the nearest service/wireless tower it’s communicating with.

          A signal is sent to the server and an automatic SMS and a voice mail to the pre-defined phone/mobiles also at the same time it will send the Central system of law & order by giving the GPS location of the mobile/phone of the signal received. The service includes in sending a distress note/signal by generating SMS/voicemail thro’ the servers of the mobile phone service providers of the telecommunication companies.

          Not only, the necessary action can be taken immediately by the law & order officials present in the location and by the GPS location information can reach and locate the subject in distress.

          The Apps has to be designed keeping in mind the concept to aid the personal safety of women and to help deal with emergencies, also added concept of/for the security of senior citizens plus while situations of emergencies of accidents done with/by mobile tools flexible for mobile phones/tablets/pads.

          The capability of the App has that it automatically dials voice calls to emergency contacts registered/configured by the user and to the law & order (central/Police HQ) default available to the location of the device.


           Same like voice mail, a preformatted “SS” message the subject can register a personnel phone number for sending the message/voice mail. Other things about the services will be dealt by the service provider can be provided as a package or paid as per package is completely depends upon & as per the global locations the device being used.

          Optional provision can also be in development by adding the feature likewise the phone is shaken continuously for few seconds has to get activated also depend upon the situations/type of User using the device and should be active but on standby mode working in the background to reduce battery power consumption and memory/data usage.

          Conditional check has to be done so that it can make SOS calls and send text alerts and e-mails with location information to pre-saved numbers defined to contact while emergency situations and send ID/GPS location at the press/touch of a key/button or app icon in case of there is no Internet access can use the satellite as of the GPS devices.

          The application should work even in situations where the user is unable to dial/trigger the alert manually (this feature is either to avoid attention of the miscreant or due to conditions of the situation as in health related or accident or hazard. (if the phone is destroyed it has to send the log info/ticket about GPS location & SMS to the service provider as well as the emergency number registered).

         Concept behind defining the selective keys because when the phone is held in hand the activity of fingers can be hidden. Also, like wise by default “1” key/button works for voice mail and also the star(*) or hash(#) keys are set to perform particular activities viz., lock/unlock or changing the notification mode and such activity on the various devices as and accordingly. The same way we have voice mail dialer or favorites registered/defined to the number keys (used single digit only). The number “77” & “dialer key or send/receive” or the specific application icon on the device has to perform the activity of sending the “SS-stress signal” notifying distress and emergency.

SS 77 signal.jpg

          It has to be easily available application that can be downloaded or preinstalled with or either through service provider or through related official web site depends on the locales & service providers.

          The application has to be a part of every device. What’s your opinion?

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