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Today I learned through social media that the SAP Lumira Expert team was holding a Google hangout with SAP’s Mani Srinivasan to cover what is new in Lumira SP14

First, I didn’t realize they hold these hangouts weekly.  It was a late start too and I was wondering about my technical skills with Google but fortunately things got going.


Above is the team; although I believe pictured left to right is Anthony, Bijan and Chris.

They hold weekly hangouts every Wednesday at 2:00 pm Eastern.  Next week will be the last Google hangout for the year, they said.

Before getting to what is new in SP14, they demonstrated an Excel date formatting tip.  You can’t have just month and year – you need the day in there.  They showed how to concatenate the day in Lumira and then you can use the date.

Then they questioned Mani.

Q: How did Lumira get started? Why do you need Lumira?

A: It is more for empowering the business.  It will evolve in upcoming months & quarters

Q: What is the schedule for releases?  Why so many SP’s?

A: Releasing so many SP’s as they are innovating at a rapid pace; deliver fast

SP14 is planned for December/end of year

Q: When can we expect new release?

A: Going through validation phases – SP14 before end of year


Source: SAP

Mani displayed the above slide on the hangout and discussed the following SP14 Improvements:

  • interact with chart canvas area
  • Ability to create stories using slide show option
  • Template options to create story boards
  • Improve filtering option to filter datasets
  • Chart gallery improvements
  • Most important – ability to share datasets and stories with Lumira Cloud


The above is a screenshot of the SP14 demo during the Google Hangout, showing you can change the order of visualizations.

Question from Andrew Fox:

Q: When do you see the ability to review a list of the data enrichments that have been made will be available?

A: looking at doing it in an easier format – can’t say the time frame

Did I miss anything?  I made this a document so it can be edited.

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  1. Irshaad Bijan Adatia


    Excellent job!!
    Today was our first show with a special guest. It’s been a hidden secret as we’ve been working on the technical details.

    Thank you for your (and everyone’s) patience as we were running slightly behind with setting up.

    It looks like you covered most things! 🙂

    And YES the order of where we were sitting changed at the last minute Anthony Gandouin decided to go back to our original seating, and our producer (that’s me…LOL) didn’t change the lower-third. 🙁 **Anthony said it’s because I was already all hooked up sitting in the middle, so, my fault for the lower-third being wrong~~~ sorry everyone!!**

    Hope it was enjoyed none-the-less.

    Don’t forget we’ll be migrating to the Analytics Channel for next weeks show!!

    We look forward to seeing as many people as we can there~~


    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      I enjoyed it and glad it was just 30 minutes 🙂

      Thanks for hosting and thank the team and Mani

      When you say migrating to the Analytics Channel…I assume you’ll still be sending a Google Hangout link next week? 

      1. Irshaad Bijan Adatia

        Yes, G+ and YouTube are undergoing HUGE changes, while they may not be vanity changes, they back end changes are significant, so we’re all getting used to how to best use these tools.

        Simply put, YES, we will ensure that our hangouts are more widely broadcast. This year is more of a trial run for all of them, while next year we’ll be running ahead full-steam.

        Our links will be sent out on Twitter, and the Event page. It’ll be featured on the YouTube Channel, and the G+ Pages.

        (currently working on some other methods…. 😉 )

        One day, we’ll see you on our show with us Tammy?


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