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Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat

How to upload Finance data in MDG – Hub

SAP has provided a note to load initial data in MDG from FI but while implementing MDG, I found many points needs to be added in the note.

Prepared a detail step by step document which will be useful for loading the finance data from ECC to MDG.

Attaching the document – Reference is – SAP note – 0001573223_initial_load – added various steps in the document and how to work on some of the errors which one may come across while loading the data.

Added the program name as well and table names.

Kiran Bapat

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kiran

      Thank you for sharing useful information.I need some clarification for below points

      For Time depentdent CO objects (Cost Center/Profit Center/Cost Element) there is validity period against each value.

      Example: Suppose I Have 2 CC in ECC with validity dates as 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2013 for C1 and 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014 for C2. For File upload process

      1. Can I use edition with validity 01.06.2014 to 31.12.9999 or do I need to consider from date of C1 and have to create new edition as 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2014 and carry upload process? Same applicable for Hierchy structure also?
      2. Suppose there is edition with validity 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2014 but with replication timing is After Final Approval Of Change Request. In this case is uploaded data replicated back into ECC (Suppose there is internal number range then in this case duplicate records are created,correct?)
      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sanjay

      1. You have to analyze your data first. Take all the cost centers and its validity date. Depending upon the date, create the edition.

      2. In your example, take all the CC valid from 01.01.13 to 31.12.13. Load the data. Release the edition. Create new one with 01.01.2014.....and so on

      On your 2nd query - Uploaded data won't get replicated in ECC unless you change it. If you are loading the data then please de-activate the replication model. Activate it once data load is complete.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kiran

      Thank you for confirmation!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kiran

      Needed one more.

      CCTRH is time indepdent but for that also we have to consider controlling area validity for defining edition, is this correct? Then what about CCTRG?

      For intitial load of CCTR I am facing ABAP dump Message USMD1A 000 (Program error)

      My ECC CCTR validities range from 01.01.2013 upto 31.12.9999 so I created edition with Validity 01.0.2010 to 31.12.9999. But in excuting upload it gives ABAP Dump.

      Should I delete completed CCTR in ECC?

      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author

      Start date won't be much issue. The dump you are getting is due to some other reason. What exactly is the message? Please check and let me know.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kiran

      In this blog for intial data upload for CC/PC you mentioned that

      • Create the file structure in MDG – NWBC for CC and PC
      • Create a layout and save it as variant in NWBC which will be used in the upload program

      Can you explain how to do this as I tried with File Download but can't see any structure in generated file?

      • Create similar variant in ECC (same as your NWBC variant as we may not have all the fields in MDG) and take the dump in excel

      Can you explain me as tried to do by generating batach varaint in SE16N under EXTRA tab and but able to save in Excel as no option for Export as Spreadsheet?

      Author's profile photo Dharamveer Gaur
      Dharamveer Gaur

      Hi Kiran,

      I have separate box for MDG and ERP ECC. So program KBAS_MDGF_SET_DOWNLOAD for hierarchy download is not available in ERP ECC system.

      Kindly let me know if any other way for hierarchy download.



      Author's profile photo Zubin SHAH
      Zubin SHAH

      Kiran Bapat Thanks for sharing this document.

      But I presume this document is only useful when we have MDG Hub scenario?

      How do we import finance data from ECC to MDG if the same instance is used?

      Is there a standard program for this initial load?


      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Zubin

      Since MDG-F is based on Flex mode, you have to use same method to upload the data in MDG tables. Finance data is stored first in MDG tables and then transferred to ECC - though its same instance.


      Author's profile photo Zubin SHAH
      Zubin SHAH

      Hi Kiran,

      1. How does the upload functionality work in MDG-F to do the initial load of GL, Cost Centers?

      2. I assume that master data is first created in ECC and this is used (SKA1, SKB1) to do the load into MDG-F (?)


      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Zubin

      1. You can load GL / CC using MDMGX or downloading the data in file and uploading in MDG. MDMGX is the best tool you can explore for GL / CC and PC

      2. For hierarchy you can't use MDMGX. You have to load the data in file from ECC and upload it in MDG.

      3. Before MDG-F implementation, the master data is created in ECC and then you need to load the data in MDG. Once MDG is implemented then you can use MDG and replicate the data to ECC.


      Author's profile photo Zubin SHAH
      Zubin SHAH

      Hi Kiran,

      It says MDMGX is to be used for MDM.

      But my question is about MDG - does MDMGX help here as well?

      Author's profile photo Aruna Katakamsetti
      Aruna Katakamsetti

      Hi Kiran,

      We are using the File Upload method to do mass change.

      Changes happened successfully but Date of Creation of Cost Center is changed to Mass upload change date and has overwritten the old date.

      Can you please confirm, if we are missing something here.

      We have used the Overwrite Attributes option while uploading.
      Thanks and Regards
      Karan Arya

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello All,


      Where I can find this document?

      I am unable to see any links to the same.





      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author

      Not sure why I can't view the attachment...let me paste the details here...




      Data upload is one of the critical activity in any MDG project. Before Go-Live one has to upload entire master data from ERP system to MDG hub.


      This process has many steps and outlining the steps below for Financial master data upload for following objects


      1. Group Accounts
      2. GL accounts
      3. Extend GL at company code
      4. Company – Trading partners
      5. Profit Center / Cost center hierarchy
      6. Profit center / Cost center master data
      7. Cost element hierarchy and master data
      8. Financial Statement versions



      General Ledger Master Data upload Process – Group accounts and Extension to company code


      Upload all the Group accounts and then upload all GL at company code level


      1. Create a Change request type in MDG for data upload. Do not select single object or collective processing option.
      2. In MDG – using Distribution monitor – File upload method create the structure for Account
      3. Create a layout for Account object and save the variant
      4. Take the SKA1 dump in your ECC system and create a layout similar to your MDG layout
      5. Take the data from ECC in excel
      6. Save the excel file in tab delimitated Txt format. Make sure to use Unicode if you have different language data
      7. Go back to MDG and create a change request for Account data upload so that we can start loading the data
      8. In 1 CR, we can accommodate maximum 5000 records. We can write a Z program to approve the CR from backend.
      9. Now execute the USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND program
      10. Give the required details and the entity type to upload the data
      11. We can run this program in background or in foreground. For background processing we have to create a logical path, upload the file on AL11 and update the path name in variant created in NWBC
      12. If the file is in proper format and with proper records, data will get uploaded in the CR
      13. Approve the CR through NWBC
      14. Account data is loaded in MDG tables – Table name - /1MD/MD______001 and /1MD/MD______009







      Data upload process for loading Profit / Cost center master data


      Before we load the hierarchy structure for CC and PC, we have to load all the PC and CC from ECC to MDG. The process is –


      1. Create the file structure in MDG – NWBC for CC and PC
      2. Create a layout and save it as variant in NWBC which will be used in the upload program
      3. Take the table dump from ECC – for PC the table is CEPC and Cost center its CSKS
      4. Create similar variant in ECC (same as your NWBC variant as we may not have all the fields in MDG) and take the dump in excel
      5. Save the file in text format
      6. Create a CR for data upload
      7. Now use the data upload program - USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND to upload CC and PC master data
      8. Choose the proper entity type. For e.g for CC – its CCTR and for PC its PCTR.
      9. Execute the program – either in foreground or background depending upon no of records. At a time only 1 person can execute this program as it locks the entity type and we can load the data in 1 CR only. We can’t run this program in batch
      10. Once data upload finishes, approve the CR and data is in MDG tables


      Data upload process for loading Hierarchy – CC and PC


      The CC and PC hierarchy data is stored in Sets and Set class. SAP has provided a program to download entire hierarchy data in text file from ECC system and load these files in MDG.


      1. Execute the KBAS_MDGF_SET_DOWNLOAD program
      2. For Profit center Group Set class is – 0106 / For Cost center group – 0101
      3. Give all the required parameters – like controlling area and the other values
      4. Execute the program
      5. The program generates 3 files – Hierarchy name / Groups / Assignment of groups under each groups and assignment of PC or CC under the respective groups
      6. Once these files are created, go to NWBC and create a structure for PC / CC hierarchy / PC and CC Group and assignment separately
      7. Create a Change request to load the PC / CC group / hierarchy. The CR should have all the entity types like – Hierarchy – group and PC or CC in it and don’t tick single processing or object required
      8. Create a CR in NWBC
      9. Make sure that all the profit center data is loaded before we start hierarchy load and make it available in table in MDG
      10. Create proper layout for each file in NWBC and save it as variant
      11. Load the hierarchy name file first – using USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND
      12. Load the group file after hierarchy – using USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND
      13. Load the assignment file at last – using USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND
      14. Once done, we can check the entire hierarchy with all the assignment through Collective processing




      Data upload process for loading Hierarchy – Cost Element


      For Cost element data upload the process is exactly same as Cost center and Profit center but we have to make sure on few points


      1. Make sure that all the General ledger accounts are in system
      2. Cost element table – CSKU and CSKB
      3. Load the cost element group using the same program in ECC – using KBAS_MDGF_SET_DOWNLOAD program – Set 0102 and 0109 for account group
      4. Follow the steps as mention for CC and PC above



      Data upload process for Financial Statement version


      Data upload process for FSV is slightly different then CC / PC and CE. First we have to load the data from ECC for all Financial statement versions. Upload them in MDG through the upload program. Listing down all the steps here


      1. Execute program - FBS_MDGF_FRS_DOWNLOAD in ECC
      2. Fill up all the required fields and save the files on presentation server
      3. In MDG, create a CR to load the FSV.
      4. Make sure that the CR is in process – Changes to be executed status
      5. In MDG, create a variant through NWBC – Distribution monitor – Data upload
      6. Save the layout for Financial statement Version and Financial statement Item
      7. Then execute program - USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND in MDG
      8. Give the variant name saved through NWBC and fill up all the required fields.
      9. Execute the program. If data is fine and everything is in place, data will be uploaded in the Change request assigned to you
      10. Approve the CR and the data is in MDG tables
      11. You can view the FSV using collective processing.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks a ton!!!!!

      Also would it be possible for you to advice on Reference data load. We need to set that up before we do the master data load.

      I know of a methodology using SOLMAN where we can sync the configurations from ECC to MDG but for that ERP Systems have to of same version.

      In our scenario we have 9-10 legacy systems, from where we do need the reference data. Usually the are similar but still want to understand the possible options.



      Author's profile photo Shriniwas Mogarge
      Shriniwas Mogarge

      Thanks a lot Kiran.....!

      I was confused about PC/CC Hierarchy and Group. After reading this blog my doubt has been cleared.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Shriniwas Mogarge



      Author's profile photo Kiran Bapat
      Kiran Bapat
      Blog Post Author


      If there are 9-10 legacy systems, then you have to prepare a golden record which you can transfer to SAP ECC. Once the records are moved to ECC, you can transfer them to mdg hub - using SOLMAN or directly moving table data through transport requests.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Kiran,


      Thanks for your help. It has helped a lot. Now i have another issue.

      We need to load groups and Hierarchies into MDG Hub. I can upload the Hierarchy using the methodology mentioned in  document. but the issue is that it allows to upload only 1 at a time.

      In my case i have around 800 groups as top nodes in one Controlling area. I cannot create 800*3 files and upload them. Pus i need to manually pick which all are the top nodes whic need to be treated as Hierarchy in MDG.

      Is there a way to pick all top nodes? If i have that then i might be able to run the program in loop and figure out something but not sure.

      Let me know your thoughts on this.




      Author's profile photo Swati Verma
      Swati Verma

      Hi Kiran,

      The File Upload Variant does not saves the file location.


      In NWBC -> File Upload -> I completed steps 1, 2, and 3. Assigned Load file in the step 3 and saved the variant.

      Now, I run the USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_BACKEND and enter Data Model, Entity Type, Variant, Type of Transfer and execute (assuming file location will be fetched from variant), but system gives error “File could not be opened”

      When I check the File upload variant in NWBC, the file location is not saved.

      I want to run this in background as I have 10K+ records in a file.

      I am looking forward for your suggestion.