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How to install Design studio add-on in a Distributed Landscape


The purpose of this document is to give a high level understanding of how the Design studio add-on should be installed in a Distributed BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) or BI Platform (BIP) landscape.

Overview of the landscape:

BOE/BIP can be installed in a number of different ways to distribute the different parts of the BOE platform install in order to scale up the Platform capability. Therefore in this document it should be noted that we are just describing one scenario.

In the below distributed landscape BOE/BIP is installed on 3 different systems:

  1. CMS only
  2. Processing Tier (APS & other processing servers)
  3. Web Tier


Installing Design studio (DS) add-on in a Distributed landscape

DS add-on comes with three features:

  • Analysis Application Web components
  • Analysis Application Service
  • Analysis Application support for Mobile Services

Here “Analysis Application Service” is a part of APS (Analysis Processing Server) running on Processing tier and “Analysis
Application Web components” & “Analysis Application support for Mobile Services” are part of Web tier.

In the above distributed landscape, DS add-on needs to be installed on all three systems but there is a sequence to be followed in order to install DS add-on on these systems.

CMS -> Processing Tier -> Web Tier

DS add-on should first be installed on all the CMS systems in the landscape, then on all the Processing Tiers which have APS running Analysis Application Service and lastly on all the Web Tier systems.

The DS add-on installer automatically picks up what is installed on the system and it will select the parameters required for that

                                 CMS                                                                                 Web Tier                                                   

Image2.1.jpeg   Image2.2.jpeg

                      Processing Tier


NOTE: If the above mentioned sequence is not followed when installing DS add-on, the error stated below will pop-up when you try to connect to BOE/BIP from a Design studio client.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      In the above distributed landscape, if the Analysis Processing Server is not installed on the CMS server, is it ok if during installation of the Design Studio Add-on, only the "Analysis Application Web components" is selected for installation?

      And, if the other components are installed on the Web-tier and Processing tier as shown above. Would it still be a valid DS add-on installation?

      Author's profile photo Brian Kudera
      Brian Kudera

      Thank you for this helpful document.

      When I review the installation guide (currently version 1.6:, to me, it sounds like nothing needs to be installed on the web tiers as the installer will take care of it automatically?

      Page 16: You need to deploy Web applications to all your Web application server nodes manually by using the WDeploy tool in the following cases:

      -You have multiple Web application server nodes and you wish to deploy the Design Studio Add-On on more than one server node.

      -You do not use the default Tomcat.

      -You do not use Web Application Container Service (WACS)

      We have two web application server nodes, so it sounds like I need to run the WDeploy tool. I can't find in the install guide where I actually have to run the setup.exe on the Web Servers themselves?

      So do we, or do we not, need to run setup.exe on the web servers if they are seperate servers from the CMS & processing tiers?

      Also, in your screen shots, why are you installing the web components on the CMS tier?

      Author's profile photo Shlomy Shalom
      Shlomy Shalom

      We are facing the same situation.

      we tried installing using setup.exe only and faced missing files and changed configuration in the tomcat.

      Can you please tell of any insight you might discovered?


      Author's profile photo Brian Kudera
      Brian Kudera

      I ran setup.exe on both of my the CMS hosts (which is the same as the processing tiers), as well as running the setup.exe on both of my web tiers.

      On the CMS hosts, I installed the Web Components & Application Service

      On web tiers, I installed the Web Components & Mobile Services.

      May have overdone it, but it works.

      Author's profile photo Brian Kudera
      Brian Kudera

      According to this thread- users are not installing anything on the CMS Tier? Can you please advise what the point of installing the same services on the CMS Tier is for that you're already installing on the processing tier?

      Author's profile photo Sivakumar Chandrasekaran
      Sivakumar Chandrasekaran

      good document and info! Thanks!