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Blog It Forward – Vinod Vemuru

Starting this blog as part of  Blog It Forward Community Challenger started by  Moshe Naveh. I was invited by Jitendra Kansal and Vivek Singh Bhoj.

Thanks Moshe Naveh for starting such a wonderful initiative. This helps us to know more personal details of people whom we interact with. Thanks a lot Jitendra and Vivek for inviting me and giving an opportunity to introduce my self to the community.

We can find list of people who have already joined this challenge.

If you wish to Join BIF challenge and you haven’t been tagged yet, please list your details here. Someone will tag you. Thanks again Moshe for this idea too.

Even I was tagged from here 😉

About me:

I am Vinod Vemuru hailed from Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh the south east of India. Vinod means Happy or Joyful. As per my name and to describe my self in few words, I am Super cool 😎 , Jovial 😆 and Sensitive 😉 person.

I completed my education till 7th standard at a place which is 2 KM from my village. Walking 4 KM every day with friends was of great fun. Used to do all possible naughty things a kid can do during the way back to home from school. Accurately hitting snakes residing in lake with stones 😈 , stealing groundnuts from fields 😳 (Feeling 🙁 now for those bad things we did) are the few among those. Badminton, Chocho and Goli (Local sport) were regular sports we used to play.

Completed 8th to 10th standard in a small school. We didn’t have proper class rooms and hence, has to sit below trees (Open air class room 😛 ).

I was the luckiest one to escape with least number of “Crow S.h.i.t.s” 😆

Still remember our Telugu (Local language) subject teacher. For every exam, he used to keep a border mark. People who ever cross below that border would get nice beat at back with a fresh, cute and flexible stick ❗ . I am again lucky here to escape as I always used to get the exact border mark or +1 😎 . People used to wear 2-3 clothes for Telugu class 😛

After 10th, I decided to move further with Diploma in Automobile Engineering. I would say, this is the best time I ever had in my entire education. I used to stay in hostel and do all possible crap we can 😳 (Hope I don’t have to explain the teenage crap list further 😛 ). What ever we do, studies was always on top of the list. After completing 3 year Diploma, completed my Graduation in Mechanical engineering from JNTU university. I can’t explain how good it is to study in an University. One has to experience this. We have created our own rules to enjoy the college days 😉 .

3rd year was the life changer for me. Got selected for two MNC IT companies. Since I got job security in 3rd year, you can imagine how my 4th year went 😉

To be honest, I never planned to come to IT world. I was hardcore fan of Design and R&D area. But after completing my graduation, joined Infosys to start my professional career. I have already posted my professional journey till now in below blog 🙂

My journey from fresh ABAPer to SAP certified FI consultant

Here is my Miniature version.


What I like…???

I am a big time foodie both in cooking and eating. Please don’t go by my size 😛

My all time favorite items are home made fish, prawns and Hyderabadi biriyani. Below are yummy pics of the dishes I am talking about 😎

As a second priority, I go for chicken.



Fish fry.jpg



I eat any thing that can swim!!! Confused??? I am talking about all sea creatures you can see below (Thanks to Barcelona-Spain 😆 ).

Now, please don’t give me a weird look. This platter was actually for two people..hihihihi 😳


I am leading the team of “Go Green” initiative (Don’t kill and eat green vegetation and help to reduce air pollution) 😛 . Successfully converted few vegetarians to

Non-vegetarians 😈

These are the questions I was asked for….

What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

Haha..I feel, definitely this would be crazy at that age…

I was around 10 years old and used to play with old tape recorder motor by connecting the +ve and -ve terminals of AA size battery. Motor runs very slow and till battery is dead. Then, I got this brilliant idea in my great mind 😉 Why to use small battery. Instead I can use 230 volts home supply so that motor runs with rocket speed 😆

I connected the wires to plug and held the motor with my hands. After switching on the power, you know what happened!?. It really ran with rocket speed.

Here, it refers to my head, not motor..LOL… 😆

Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

Definitely in one of these, Scientist(childhood dream) or Design/R&D field in mechanical engineering side.

How did you get into SAP technology?

I never thought that I would build my career in IT and SAP. Always dreaming about mechanical design and R&D field. But, I was selected to Infosys during my 3rd year of Btech (Graduation) in campus recruitment. After finishing 4th year, started my career with Infosys. During training, I was put in to SAP ABAP and then I choose to move to FICO functional after working in ABAP for 3 years.

But, I love every day of my SAP career and always appreciate people who built this wonderful software. There is something new almost every day and learning never ends. Simply, I am in 😘 with SAP. Be it ABAP or FICO, it is SAP for me 😆 It is tough to even think of changing from SAP platform.

What is your best moment in life?

There are many best moments. But, If I pick a few,

1. Whenever I see happiness on my Mom face and I am the reason for that 😎

2. When I landed in Swiss for first time which is my dream place from childhood 😆

3. When I cleared my SAP certification in first attempt with few days of preparation time 😉

What makes you smile/laugh?

Comedy show by Kapil Sharma (He is one of the best Indian comedy king).

I would like to tag below people and ask these questions.

ManiKumar Yandrapu

Narasimhulu Konnipati

Nisha Vengal

bhawna sajwani

Khushbu Ranjan

shiva mc

1. Are you passionate of SAP? Yes/No, why?

2. Funniest experience you ever had?

3. Best place/country you have visited so far?

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and didn’t get bored…



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